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Huzzah! Pick & Mix on our pre-mixed e-liquid!

Buy 5 or more bottles for £4.99 each

Buy 10 or more bottles for £4.74 each

Simply order 5 or more 10ml bottles from our Decadence, Djinni or VG range! Any combination is absolutely fine - all the same flavour if you're buying your favourite, or individual flavours if that tickles your whiskers.

Our tobacco flavour concentrates are regarded as some of the finest in the world. They are made with Tobacco Absolute and steeped for a month in PG. We then triple filter to extract any unnecessary compounds to create the tobacco base. It is then steeped for a second time to enrich the flavour of the concentrate. Next, our secret ingredients are added, blended, and left for the third and final steeping phase, resulting in the truest tobacco flavour of unsurpassed quality you can find.

We have favourites like the sweet cure of American Red and Gold. or the rich perique flavours of our always popular Welsh Pipe. And for those that prefer a sweet tobacco mixer try our DIY vaping favourite DY4 – with hints of caramel and biscuit.