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Mixing Kits

E-liquid Mixing Kits

If you’re a mixing beginner or budding mixologist, we have the right e-liquid mixing kit for you.

We know that a lot vapers mix their own e-liquids and if you’re one of them, we have the perfect selection of products. With our Connoisseur Mixing Set you can choose up to five separate flavour concentrates, two separate diluents and more! Select from hundreds of different choices, it’s easy and each set comes with a mixing guide to help you get your mix exactly how you like it. With the equivalent to over £170 worth of pre-mixed e-liquid included, it’s also great value for money. And that’s not all, with our simpler mixing kits such as our ‘Easy Mix Kit’ and ‘Big Cloud base’ you can make 50ml of e-liquid in three simple steps.