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DV VG e-liquid – Tasty clouds from the finest ingredients

Formulated to create your own micro-climate – our pre-mixed VG e-liquid range includes three of our most popular pre-mixed flavours. With its specially formulated VG 75/ PG 25 base, you’ll be able to create some of the biggest clouds around without compromising on flavour.  You can also choose from up to 80 different concentrates with our Big Cloud Easy Mix Kit. All are high VG, ready to vape victorious and be the envy of all!

“It booms a wonderful cloud, absolute monsters.” Haz Vapes  
“Lots of vapour, but plenty of flavour as well” Martyn Parker
“Great flavours once again from Decadent Vapours I didn’t expect anything less from these guys – you’ve got to give them a go”.” Minkeys Vape reviews