New e-liquid range: Djinni

Our Djinni e-liquid range from start to finish was over a year in the development, starting in early 2014. At the time DV’s main business had just been re-branded and flavour maestros Peter Cole and Luke Bolch were already dreaming of pushing the boundaries with a new set of flavours.

Djinni-e-liquid-decadent-vapourLuke explains, “We wanted to create a broad range of flavours that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, and that hadn’t been perfected – Turkish Delight springs to mind, there are quite a few out there, but no-one has created an e-liquid that is true to the real thing. We set ourselves the challenge to create a range of flavours that were all different and had their own personalities.”

At the beginning of the development of the new range, there were over a hundred of flavours and flavour combinations suggested, both by the development team and the rest of the company, most of whom are also avid vapers. This was then cut down to a shortlist of 18, which several months later were painstakingly whittled down to 10.

It does make life easier when you know how to make all your own flavours, as DV does at its Swansea HQ. Before they even begin to mix, they test hundreds of ingredients, searching far and wide for the perfect raw materials that will create the right flavour profile. Only once those are decided on, does the mixing begins.

Prototypes of flavours are created, tested and then altered and refined over and over. Initially, DV testing is internal, then as they begin to home in on what they feel is right, the flavours go to external testers. Feedback is taken, tweaks are made, and testers are sent to reviewers.

E-liquid reviewers are a passionate and exacting bunch, and you really have to be on your game to impress them. After taking on board their comments, the flavours are given a final testing outing on the public… and then they’re ready.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? But to get it right can take many months. “Several times we felt we were close to a final flavour, but couldn’t quite get it perfect, no matter how we tried, so we had to go back to the drawing board,” says Luke.


While the refining of the flavours themselves was ongoing, work on the brand itself began. For that, DV brought in Create-a-Brand, experts who have created many national and international brands.

“It was a really exciting time for us as we had just finished rebranding DV’s main brand, and it was realised they needed another ‘younger’ brand that would complement their main one but be distinctive,” says Louise, Create-a-Brand’s lead planner and strategical mastermind.

“The name was one of the most important parts. What was wanted was something simple, memorable and relevant. Following much research, testing of names and knocking of heads, we eventually came up with ‘Djinni’, the thought being that it’s like the genie out of the bottle, a vapour that will grant you your wishes.”


“We then designed the logo. We wanted to keep it simple and modern but striking, and especially versatile – it had to be adaptable for the design of each piece of packaging to reflect the feeling of the individual flavours. We also spent considerable time on flavour names and packaging copy. The challenge was to try to encapsulate the e-ssence of each individual flavour, while at the same time establishing an ‘umbrella’ tone for the Djinni range as a whole.”

More than one year since djinni’s release – the team are happy that what they have produced is fit to bear the Decadent Vapours name, Turkish Delight, Banoffee, Zingo, New York 60 and Jelloopy have delight DV customers old and new.

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