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A Quick Guide to Vaping for Beginners [UPDATED]

1. Choose your Vaping Device

There are two basic types of vaping – mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL). The majority of people coming to vaping from smoking will probably feel more comfortable with mouth-to-lung, as this will ‘feel’ closer to smoking a cigarette. You draw the vape into your mouth before inhaling into your lungs.

With direct-to-lung, you draw the vape directly into your lungs. It’s down to personal preference which style of vaping you prefer, but typically those who use a sub-ohm device will DTL inhale.

Generally speaking, mouth-to-lung devices feel less airy and has a tighter draw (harder to pull on); which again, provides a similar sensation to smoking. These devices are either ‘pen’ or ‘pod’ system, like the nzo pod kit; small and easy-to-use.

Direct-to-lung devices have more airflow and the majority are sub-ohm (contain coils with < 1-ohm resistance). If you are new to vaping, we would recommend avoiding sub-ohm vaping until you become more experienced. You inhale far more vapour with them and need to use a lower strength nicotine to counteract this.

Check out our blog post on MTL & DTL Vaping for more detailed information.



2. Choose your E-liquid

Those who are looking to switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping may benefit from vaping a tobacco flavour, to begin with.

However, a lot of vapers will move on to tasty flavours like sweet and fruit which further prevents them from wanting to go back to smoking ‘nasty tasting’ cigarettes. A study by ASH last year revealed that more vapers used fruit flavoured e-liquid than tobacco e-liquid in 2019.



What’s in the E-Liquid Flavour?

Since 2009 we’ve concocted thousands of flavours, every single one is created to not only be the tastiest but also the cleanest – each one is tested to make sure there are no ‘undesirable’ compounds and chemicals hiding away in them.

We have flavours available in our e-liquid range that are ideally suited to new vapers. Our flavour range covers all tastes, from sweet deserts, icy menthols and mouthwatering fruits.

There’s also our famous award-winning tobacco range, made from the finest Tobacco, which is steeped in PG before entering a 3-step filtration process, resulting in a tobacco base of the highest purity.

The tobacco base then enters a second steeping phase to enrich the flavour of the concentrate. Next, our secret ingredients are added, blended, and left for the final steeping phase, resulting in a truly unique flavour profile of unsurpassed quality.

Each batch of every flavour used in our products is taste-tested by our Head Flavologist to ensure that every product meets DV’s standard of excellence. One thing’s for sure, flavour certainly makes the vapour a lot tastier!

What’s the Difference Between Premixed & Short Fill?

Premixed e-liquids contain nicotine (optionally) at the point of sale and only come in 10ml due to regulations. They are ready to use and all you have to do is open it, fill your device and vape!

Short Fill e-liquids are a newer product that took off after the TPD restricted the sale of e-liquids containing nicotine to 10ml.

Short Fills are nicotine-free e-liquid which are usually filled to around 80% of the bottle’s capacity so that it has room for a nicotine booster (AKA nic shot).

Adding a 10ml 18mg nicotine booster to a 50ml short fill bottle will result in a 60ml e-liquid of 3mg strength due to the nicotine being diluted down.

What are Flavour Concentrates?

If you are a beginner then this is something you shouldn’t worry about for now. Flavour concentrates are used by people who DIY their e-liquid at home; that is, purchase nicotine, diluent and flavour separately and mix it together. It allows for more customisation of the e-liquid.

What’s Diluent?

E-liquid comes in many varieties of flavour and ‘diluent’ combinations.

For the new vaper, we would recommend a 50PG/50VG mix – PG and VG are what thickens the water and flavour compounds to provide the clouds of vapours.

  • PG (Propylene glycol) provides slightly fewer clouds, but a stronger throat hit and intensifies flavours.
  • VG (Vegetable Glycerin) provides more clouds with a smoother inhale and has a natural sweetness to it.

New vapers generally find they benefit from the stronger throat hit of PG combined with the vapour produced by VG. As you progress to higher wattage or sub-ohm mods, the PG can get too harsh and higher VG liquids are preferred as they are smoother.

More more information, take a look at our detailed blog on PG vs. VG.

What’s Nicotine?

Nicotine, once the poster boy for why cigarettes were bad, is actually similar in addictive qualities to caffeine and the strengths we find in e-liquids, pretty harmless, it’s the other 4000+ chemicals in cigarettes that are carcinogenic.

Our nicotine is some of the finest on the market – filtered, titrated and diluted from 100% nicotine in our proprietary 13 step process to craft the purest and cleanest nicotine, without any ‘peppery’ taste.

If you are using a mouth to lung device – especially a pod system then using higher strength, such as 1.2% (12mg) to 1.8% (18mg), is advisable, especially if you are just coming off the cigarettes.

Stronger nicotine will create a stronger throat sensation that is commonly referred to as “throat hit”. Once you get used to vaping you can then ween yourself down in strength, particularly if you move on to sub-ohming where people will use <0.6mg nicotine.

3. Start Vaping

The switch to vaping is smooth and uncomplicated – which is largely why it has been so successful.

“E-cigarettes are now the most popular quitting aid, and have been shown to be to be nearly twice as successful in helping smokers quit as traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapy when used with behavioural support in smoking cessation clinics” – ASH, 2019

There are so many stories about the difference vaping makes to peoples lives, we are happy and proud to be a small part of it.

Once you feel confident about vaping why not try mixing your own flavour concoctions or building your own coils – the possibilities are endless!

For more information, or if you need help with any of our products please do not hesitate to call our award-winning customer service department on 01792 897103 we are here to help.

4. Vaping etiquette

Millions of us love vaping. We appreciate the pleasures and health benefits of it compared to smoking. But not everyone is accepting yet, and not all vapers show consideration in their vaping. Decadent Vapours have compiled a vaping etiquette guide to help vapers ensure we have good relations with our non-vaping friends.

1. Always follow the rules

If a sign forbids vaping, or an authorised individual asks you not to vape, then please do as you are asked. It may feel unreasonable to you, but it’s not negotiable.

2. Stealth Vaping

Please don’t do this – especially if you’ve already been asked not to vape or there are signs saying you shouldn’t. If you feel you have to hide it, you’re probably breaking the rules anyway.

3. Don’t be in-your-face

You wouldn’t conspicuously breathe on someone, or (if a smoker) blow smoke in someone’s face. Although we know passive vaping to be basically harmless, we should still not force it on others – and they may not want a full-on blast of the particular flavour you are vaping.

4. Don’t be a mod snob

We all have our own vaping journey, and some travel further and more widely. Not everyone has – or even wants – the biggest and most up to date hardware. Don’t take it upon yourself to tell them that theirs isn’t as good as yours. Advise, discuss, inform, but remember – size isn’t everything!

5. Don’t be beastly to smokers

Most vapers were smokers themselves once upon a time, and most current smokers would like to give up. Making them feel bad or defensive about smoking doesn’t really help. Sharing your own experience of the benefits of vaping – when asked – is friendlier and more constructive.

6. Keep it calm

Many misunderstandings and plain untruths circulate about vaping, and it can be frustrating trying to dispel the myths. But getting irritated is not the answer. Keeping calm and explaining the facts will go a lot further towards improving other people’s understanding (and acceptance) of vaping and vapers.

7. Vaping around food

The smell of food is a key aspect of its enjoyment, and unexpected additional odours can be off-putting. Someone tucking into a steak may not enjoy a sudden waft of banoffee or want their enjoyment of an ice-cream sundae overpowered by absinthe. Don’t vape near to other people eating.

8. Be a good example

People are often suspicious about new things – especially an activity that in some respects does, after all, resemble smoking. The media are especially keen to jump onto any negative claim or perception about vaping. The last thing vapers need is an image of being hostile, selfish or rude – instead let’s show that we’re a good-natured, considerate bunch.

9. Don’t create a climate of bad-feeling

Until it is universally accepted that vapour is not smoke, cloud chasing near non-vapers – and especially indoors – does not help the image and acceptance of vaping. Setting off smoke alarms and filling rooms with haze just gives ammo to those who want vaping seen – and treated – as antisocial and intrusive.

10. Ask before you borrow

You wouldn’t take a sip from someone else’s drink unless you asked or they offered first. Equally, don’t take puffs from other people’s vapourizers without first asking. And if someone does let you try theirs, be courteous and wipe the mouthpiece before returning it to its owner.

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