Sub-Ohm and Mouth-to-Lung

The vaping industry is becoming increasingly progressive in terms of the sheer range of options provided to us as vapers, most notably in the variety of devices we can pick up. Two main distinctions can be made between the style of these devices; Sub-Ohm and MTL (mouth-to-lung).

While comparing the two, their most distinguishing features are the way we vape them:


The idea here is to slowly and smoothly inhale the vapour directly to your lungs, then exhale it in a magnificent plume of steam that would make even the grandest of locomotives envious. Using a kit like the Smok G-Priv Baby Kit allows for some serious gratification for cloud-chasers, especially when paired with a high-VG liquid.

However, Sub-Ohm devices aren’t usually the best option for new vapers; their low resistance coils (>1 ohm) produce a lot more power and therefore vapour than MTL devices, which is great for flavour intensity, but not so great when you pass out after trying to vape 18mg of nicotine at 200 watts. Caution is advised.


Considered much more similar to conventional smoking than the aforementioned device, MTL devices follow the same principle of drawing the vapour into the mouth and then inhaling to the lungs, before exhaling in a slightly less glorious cloud.

Most commonly used by smokers and recent quitters, MTL is great for helping cessation by providing the most realistic smoking experience with none of the carcinogens or other nasties present in tobacco smoke. By vaping high-PG, high-nicotine liquid, you can reproduce the throat-hit and nicotine buzz associated with cigarettes.

Although, even a seasoned vaper might eventually get sick of setting off the fire alarm at work every day and decide it’s time to consider a different approach, opting for an MTL device or a duo-capability device like the Smok Nord Pod System. The higher resistance coils and method of inhaling make these the perfect stealth-vapes. By opting for a much higher nicotine level and holding the vapour in your lungs for a while longer, you can receive the same hit as from your fancy Sub-Ohm, with little to no clouds – meaning you can get away with vaping right below the fire alarms. Happy days.