E-liquid recipes

To inspire the many other thousands of mixologists in the vapourverse, we’ve now created a dedicated page for DV e-liquid recipes.
From Welsh Taffi with Candyfloss, to Roast Beef with a hint of mint, it’s all there for the making. And if your bright imagination and careful hand has allowed you to create a recipe or two – why not share it for others to enjoy?

To submit your creations simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page, no matter how simple or complex – we want to hear from you!
(If you have a preferred nicotine or diluent strength with your recipe feel free to include it.)

The DV team will also be updating this page with new recipes, here are a few new one’s from our mixologists:

(We recommend a 25% flavouring mix with all of the below DV recipes)

Strawberry e-liquid recipe

The sweet taste of fruit and berries with a cooling menthol: yummm.  Simply mix the following DV flavour concentrates: 45% Raspberry, 45% Strawberry 10% Menthol.

Bubblegum & Cherry Cola – a simple but extremely tasty combination.


Simply mix: 50% Bubblegum 50% Cherry Cola.

And if you want to strengthen one flavour, simply change the ratio e.g. 30% Bubblegum 70% Cherry Cola. It’s fizzyluscious!

Mango e-liquid recipe

A mouthwatering helping of Orangella with Mango and Passionfruit.


A refreshing and zingy Strawberry and Lime e-liquid recipe.

New recipe suggestion submitted by: Benjamin

“A lovely berry taste infused with a cool, strong menthol”.








4% Blackdrops | 4% Blueberry | 4% Black Cherry | 4% Purpello | 2% Menthol

And if you’re looking for something completely different – check out our cocktail recipes – made with DV flavour concentrates: decadentvapours.com/cocktail-recipes/

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