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A Broadcast from the Department of Hullabaloo


You may be aware that come May we will no longer be able to supply you with 30ml bottles of premixed e-liquid, so our Department of Hullabaloo have been working night and day to confound the chaps in Brussels and ensure you keep your hard-won coin in your pocket. 

After much work with the offices’ calculating contraption, our daring and dastardly plan is to supply you with 3 bottles of 10ml at the price you would have paid for a 30ml bottle! Huzzah! It also occurred that we could extend this to provide you with even more discount if you bought more bottles of the same flavour! Double huzzah!

So, hot off the calcu-maker machine.

10ml is currently £5.95

3 x 10ml is £15.95 – a saving of £1.90 or £5.31 per bottle

5 x 10ml is £24.95 – a saving of £4.80 or £4.99 per bottle

10 x 10ml is £47.45 – a saving of £12.05 or £4.75 per bottle

Oh joy and exultation to the Department of Hullabaloo and their marvellous mathematical machinery.

You will find the option on a new fangled drop down menu to choose these larger quantities on all Decadence and Djinni premixed eliquids.

Pip pip


P.S. Our calcu-maker has been tasked with generating the same great quantity discounts for our new 10ml receptacles of Art Blends, VG and Four Seasons.  We expect the results very early next week, and will broadcast these via the interweb as soon as humanly possible.