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10ml bottles now from as low as £4.45.

NEW Online Offer Price – Our Decadence & Djinni range now as low as £4.45!

What-o chaps and chappesses! A new directive directly from His Lordship’s desk – all Decadence and Djinni 10ml bottles of joy are now £4.95 each; with even greater savings on our multi-buy prices!

Oh joy and janglement! You can now experience the delight of Decadent juices for less than the cost of a pint of sherry.

But it doesn’t end there…Oh no! Not to be out-done by our illustrious leader, the Department of Hullabaloo wish to proffer their own offer, for your delight and delectation…

50% off 50mls this September – only £7.98!

There is nothing short about our fills. You could say His Lordship supplies ‘full-fills’. 50ml of juice with enough wriggle room to add a Nic Boost if one so wishes.

With six flavours to choose from – including the World’s finest chocolate vape (if we do say so ourselves!) – there truly is something for everyone. Find out more here.

All of our ‘full-fills’ pass the same strict safety tests demanded of our 10ml range. So you can be sure that they do not contain any nasties, and are made from the very finest ingredients.

So don’t go short, it won’t last long at this price!

Pip pip


T’s & C’s apply. 18+ Only

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Find our squirrel

(Entries now closed, winners announced via email.)
Browse our new website for the chance to win our full 60ml range and a vaping helmet!

While His Lordship and the dept of Hullabaloo were congratulating the talented techniwizards on the launch of our brand new website, our squirrel has apparently – to use a common Vernacular – ‘photo bombed’ a number of DV product photo’s on our new product pages – the cad!

We are not sure which product pages have been blighted, which is why we need your help to find every picture that our rascally squirrel is ‘starring’ in. And as a token of appreciation for helping us to locate them, His Lordship has decreed that each person that finds two or more will be entered into a prize draw for our full 60ml range and a vaping helmet.

So, there we have it – if you can find two or more squirrel bombed images on our newly spruced up website, please let us know at before Friday August 24th.

Jolly good luck and don’t forget to use our special August code ‘new25’ to save 25% off your next order this month!

Pip Pip


*Terms and Conditions apply. You can enter more than once – but only if you’ve found a different squirrel picture to your first entry. All entries that correctly identify the position of two or more  squirrels will be automatically entered into our giveaway. Over 18’s only.
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Save 25% off your next DV order this August

Save 25% off your next DV order this August with the code ‘new25’ 

We are delighted to announce that our team of talented techniwizards have just finished a complete summer spruce up of our interweb shop, more commonly referred to by some as our ‘website’.

And to celebrate it’s brand new look and whizz bang features, including a new and improved Shake & Vape page and Pick & Mix system, we’re offering you a rather special August coupon code – huzzar!

So before you start exploring our new spot on the interweb, don’t forget to bring our 25% off code ‘new25’ with you.

Simply add the code to our basket page to start saving on our e-liquid and DIY products; and the best part is, our new code will take 25% off our multi-buy prices too!

So don’t delay, explore our new website and save today!

Pip pip


T’s & C’s apply.  This coupon code cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons or account points. This coupon excludes hardware & accessories and our Flavour of the Month. This code can only be used once per user and expires midnight August 31st UK time. 18+ Only.
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Save 50% off our Rainbow Fruit e-liquids this August

Unbeknownst to anyone in the dept of Hullabaloo, His Lordship has apparently been secretly taking singing lessons. It was thought that the noises coming from his study were the pipes being cleared, but after two days of being locked in it, coming out only for sherry and the occasional bottle of Rainbow Fruit, His Lordship burst excitedly into The Flavorotory exclaiming ’Tis complete – this month’s ‘cinema-filmy-thingy tis done’ and with that he pressed play on his portable telephone.

What happened next left many of the dept of Hullabaloo in shocked silence and unfortunately His Lordship took this as the thumbs up.

You can listen to His Lordship’s singing by clicking above and don’t forget that you can save 50% off Rainbow Fruit pre-mixed, concentrates and Shake & Vape kits.

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Find His Lordship’s balls

Find His Lordship’s footballs for the chance to Win a Tarot Nano and our full 60ml range!

While enjoying the spectacle of the 2018 World Cup, His Lordship has been reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ of his youth and how sturdy leather ‘old fashioned’ footballs are far superior to the modern ones of today. As His Lordship puts it: “There’s nothing quite like kicking a solid ball, with gusto!”

So for some light entertainment during afternoon tea, the Dept. of Hullabaloo have hidden four retro leather footballs across the product pages of our website for His Lordship to find. If you can let us know where they are, you will be in with a chance of scooping this marvellous prize!

If you can find one or more, let us know their positions by sending an email to this address: by Friday July 20th. Each person that does so correctly will be in with a chance of winning a Tarot Nano and a full set of our 60ml Fantastical Flavours – six in total, collectively worth over £130!

So whether you fancy yourself as a Miss Marple or indeed a Geoff Hurst – get those spyglasses out and footy boots on and start searching.

Pip Pip


*Terms and Conditions apply. You can enter more than once – but only if you’ve found a different football to your first entry. All entries that correctly identify the position of one or more balls will be automatically entered into our giveaway. Over 18’s only.
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Save up to 50% off DV’s DIY products

Save 50% off our natty Nicotine Boosts for the rest of May!

His Lordship has decided to make some space in the stockroom for all the Royal wedding memorabilia he has purchased.

So for the rest of May ALL of our nicotine boost products will have a whopping 50% off  – including multi buys!

That’s as little as £1.20 per bottle for our ultra smooth filtered, titrated and diluted nicotine – now that’s royal!

And talking of marriage, the marriage of nicotine boosts to flavour concentrates is one made in heaven, especially now that you can purchase every one of our flavour concentrates for the same superb price!

All 10ml concentrates are now just: £3.95

All 50ml concentrates are now just: £16.95

And all 100ml concentrates are now just: £31.95

That’s a saving of up to £4.10 per bottle compared to last month!

So don’t leave our DIY supplies at the altar, walk them to our basket page to save countless pounds this May!

Pip pip



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Brand new pre-mixed bottle labels

Inspired by His Lordship’s Fantastical Flavours designs, the Department of Hullaballoo decided to pick up the department felt tip pens and colouring pencils and redesign our ‘Decadence’ range of bottle labels. The results of their efforts are impressive and so we have put together a short ‘pop’ video to introduce them to you along with our other bottle packaging, which you will start to see across the ranges in the coming weeks. New Look – Same Great Taste!

We hope you like them as much as we do – pip pip.

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Save 15% from April 17th – 22nd

By Jingo, here at The Dept of Hullaballoo we know only too well how costly Easter can be, not only on the old pocket and purse, but also on the hips!

So, if you’re a few pennies lighter and a few pounds heavier after the Easter holidays – fear not – we have a post holiday treat for you that will lighten your financial load and is 100% calorie free, or thereabouts.

We’re giving you a fine 15% 0ff discount code – available for use on the DV website from now until midnight Sunday April 22nd!

So to recap ……. that’s a rather momenticious 15% off everything!

ALL Pre-mixed E-liquids
ALL Flavour concentrates & DIY supplies
And ALL Vaping mods and kits

Simply use the code ‘april15’ in the coupon area of the basket page to start recouping all that money you spent on those Easter goodies… start saving today – Pip pip hooray!

And if you’re still in the mood for chocolate, you can save as many calories this month as you can pennies with our Choccywoccymoo and Nutty Roche!


Pip pip


T’s & C’s apply
This coupon code cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons or account points. This code can only be used once per user and expires midnight April 22nd UK time.
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Vaping helmet winner announcement

After nearly a month of searching, His Lordship was delighted to recover all of his vaping helmets (thanks to your help) and as promised, he’s chosen some winners at random from the DV deerstalker. But, before we reveal who has scooped our latest prizes, we would like to thank every single Eagle-eyed visitor that took part in this latest search.

So, without further ado, the winner of the full set of our fantastical 60mls a Tarot Nano and a vaping helmet is… Zulu X

Congratulations! Simply email us with your delivery address and date of birth to claim your prize.

His Lordship also picked a runner-up whose name is… Stephen Knowles! Well done Stephen, you have won three 60ml flavours of your choice. As above – simply email us to claim your prize.

(Please make sure to contact us within two weeks – after this time your prize could be re-drawn.)

If your name was not picked this time don’t worry – we’ll be announcing another giveaway before you know it!

Pip pip


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Tarot Nano and full 60ml range up for grabs!

Attention All Super Sleuths!

There’s another chance to win a Tarot Nano, our full 60ml range and a DV Vaping helmet!

The department of Hullaballo are having a jape with his Lordship by hiding some of his Vaping Helmets throughout the DV website!
If you can let us know where they are, you could be in with the chance to win this most marvellous prize, whilst also getting in His Lordships good books!

So, if you spot a helmet hidden in the product pages of our website let us know post-haste by filling in our contact us form telling us precisely where it is.

Every budding Sherlock that does so correctly will be automatically entered into our giveaway for a chance to win our Tarot Nano, the full set of our fantastical 60mls – six in total – and a DV Vaping Helmet, collectively worth over £130! 

Don’t dilly dally, as all 4 ‘missing’ helmets must be located by Friday March 23rd ready for His Lordship’s monthly Helmet Hoedown and if that goes well – he may even throw a few runner-up goodies into the prize pot – Huzzah!

Pip Pip


T’s & C’s apply – over 18’s only.

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Free 60ml flavour when you spend £25 or over

His Lordship wanted to put a smile on all your faces as a thank you for your continued custom, and so asked the Department of Hullabaloo to come up with a treat, and they have conjured up a real bobby dazzler!

So just for a moment, why not cease with the stuffing of the turkey, the tinkering with your tinsel, and the dusting of your mince pies and give yourself a treatif you spend over £25 between now and Boxing Night we’re going to gift you a free bottle from our 60ml range – worth £17.95!* huzzah!

Look out for the ‘Choose your Gift’ do-flippity-widget on the basket page (it auto-magically appears once you’ve reached £25), and simply select your flavour. All bottles supplied will be 3mg and high VG.

Hurry though, the offer must end at midnight on the 27th!

A very sherry Christmas from all at Decadent Vapours.

Pip pip


*Terms and Conditions apply. Offer ends at midnight on the 27th December 2017. This offer only applies to sales from

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Merry Christmas & opening times

We’re dreaming of a Green Christmas!

The Department of Hullabaloo have released a short video to wish all of our wonderful patrons a very Merry Christmas.

They would also like to remind you, that the last day that we will be dispatching orders before Christmas is Friday December 22nd. And while we would happily work right through the Christmas period to ensure you are kept fully stocked of your favourite DV e-liquids, there are apparently employment laws that prevent us operating in that good old-fashioned Victorian way.

But the DV offices will be open December 27th-29th and running full pelt again on Tuesday 2nd January 2018! So make sure to replenish your stocks and remember, our flavours are so tasty that your guests may just vape you out of house and home – so be prepared!

We send a big thank you to you for your continued custom.

Jingle pip, Jingle pip



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Wear your tash to earn some cash*

Here at DV, we love a good display of well-groomed hair on the fizzog, and think the chaps at The Movember Foundation are doing a grand job addressing some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

His Lordship has requested that we help as much as we can to raise awareness of their mission, as well as accumulating as much lolly as possible for the cause along the way.

To this end, we will be giving away a free moustache with every order during the month of Movember for you to display on one’s fizzog and amuse one’s chums while proffering information about Movember and the sterling work they are doing.

In addition, the 4 images sporting said moustache and their DV purchase, posted up on social media that evoke the most squeaks of joy from the Department of Hullabaloo at the end of the month, will receive a £25 voucher to spend on some rather dandy moustache-wear  from the Movember website –; along with a choice of one of our fantastical new 60mls.

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastical prize, and help the Movember cause along the way, please post your photo as a comment, together with the hashtag #DVMOV on our special Facebook and Twitter pinned Movember statuses or tag us in with your photo on Instagram.

And for every qualifying snap we will donate £1 to the cause – Huzzah!

Pip pip


Terms and Conditions apply. Competition closes 30th November 2017.

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Spot our billboard for the chance to win a new 60ml flavour

Our logo can be seen standing proudly on roadside billboards for countless UK drivers to goggle as they make their daily journeys and they could be next to a motorway near you, in fact, you may have already spotted one! And if you have or do, we want to hear from you!

We’re giving the first 6 sharp-eyed vapers that spot the DV logo on a billboard, the chance to win one of our rather delicious new 60ml flavours worth £15.95. To enter, simply send us a private message via Facebook, Twitter, or the contact us form on our website with where you think you spotted it and if you are one of the first 6 to get it right, we will be in touch to ask you which of the 6 flavours from our tantalisingly tasty new 60ml range we should send you.

Entries close Thursday November 9th and remember to keep your eyes peeled the next time you venture out!

(Over 18’s only please. One entry per person, entries stated in public will not qualify, only the first six can receive a prize!)

Good luck!

Pip Pip


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Tarot Nano giveaway winners


It’s time to announce just which lucky chaps and chapesses have won our latest giveaway prizes! We have fired up the calcu-maker machine and it’s chosen a top six at random from our marvellous Facebook and Twitter entrants.

So… here we go, the winners are:

1st Prize: Mary Cannel (Facebook entrant) (Winner of a Vaporesso Tarot Nano and vaping helmet!)
Runners-up (Each a winner of a Shake & Vape kit in the favour and strength of their choice.)

Jarrod @Tregarthen67
Tony Michael
Ke’Andre Boyle @Keandreboyle17
Farrakh Chowdhry
Rebecca Mary

Congratulations everyone! To claim your prizes, simply message us via the DV Facebook or Twitter page with your address and date of birth.

For our Shake & Vape winners’ you can see our full flavour, strength and base selection by visiting: Feel free to let us know which combination you would like via Facebook message.

If we don’t answer right away there is no need for concern, we’ll get back to you as soon as our offices re-open on Monday.
Please make sure to contact us within 10 days, after this time your prize could be re-drawn.
Once again thank you to all the fine fellows that took the time to enter. We’ll be back with another giveaway before you know it!

Pip Pip


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Get 50% off a different tobacco each week this October

At a recent social gathering, His Lordship had a conversation with a group of chaps and chap-esses that had gathered around him, drawn in by the avian castoffs spouting from his hat’ and the plumes of the water vapour emanating from his fizzogg.

As His Lordship recounted to us later, there was a distinct pong of bonfires in the air and they all admitted to being slaves to the evils of smoking, but were desperate to stop. His Lordship happened to be vaping Amber Blend at the time and had a selection of DV’s other fine tobaccos and new mods he was testing out about his person, which he happily donated to the cause.

The revellers puffed away gayly all night and His Lordship rejoiced at the sight of the large clouds of vape emanating from the group as he slipped quietly away.

This morning His Lordship discussed what had happened with The Dept of Hullaballoo and they decided that in order to help and encourage more fine folk to give up smoking, we will give 50% off a different tobacco each week for the next 4 weeks – starting from today with Amber Blend.

So, if you know someone who would love to stop wearing Eau de Bonfire, please tag them into this post… or why not help a friend by buying them some to try, or even take a bottle down to your local to let some of your chums have a toot.

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Win a subscription of The Chap Magazine and our full djinni range

Our Chap is in The Chap – Huzzar!

The department of Hullabaloo like nothing better than sitting down with His Lordship, with a lovely cup of Earl Grey Tea and a Jammy Dodger, to listen to each other read out some of the latest articles from the very finest of ‘gentlemens’ journals – ’The Chap’ (it’s for chapesses too but we think they couldn’t fit that on the masthead!)

So you can imagine the excitement when they collected the latest edition from the pigeon loft today and saw His Lordship’s ‘gigglemug’ in it along with a rather chuckaboo article about the joys of vaping.

Now the Dept of Hullabaloo have got so carried away with the sight of His Lordship in such good company that they’ve decided to give you the chance to experience this joy for yourself by giving away two annual subscriptions of The Chap Magazine worth up to £40 each, along with our full djinni e-liquid range and a packet of Jammy Dodgers, to two lucky winners. All you need to do to be in with a chance is to reply to our competition posts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag: #DecadentChap

If you want to read the interview with His Lordship for yourself you can pick up a copy in WHS or gallop on over to and purchase the digital version.

Pip pip

(T’s & C’s apply, anyone can enter irrespective of their location. Entries close Friday September 8th 1pm.)

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Vaping in offices – a short guide

With a recent government plan encouraging vaping in offices – we thought it was high time that we released this short office vaping guide! 

Do: be mindful of your fire alarm.

It’s not an absolute certainty that vaping will set off your fire alarm, especially if your office is well ventilated and vapers in the office are careful. But, if it does become an issue, you could recommend installing a heat sensing detection system. This will ensure that even large clouds of vapour won’t cause an unplanned mass evacuation.

Don’t: bring a loud crackly device to work.

Little noises can be irritating at the best of times, and the noise of an impending electrical fire may not win you any friends – especially if you’re within shouting distance of your health and safety officer!

Don’t: bring strong smelling flavours into the office.

We’ve all experienced it, you have a flavour that tastes divine on the inhale, but smells a tad on the funky side on the exhale. If any one of your flavours has been reported for having this problem – best leave it at home.

Do: arm yourself with facts.

There has been a lot of misinformation regarding vaping over the past few years. Many of your co-workers could still believe that vaping is harmful to others in the office. It’s important to calmly provide evidence from credible sources such as Cancer Research UK, Public Health England etc; to show your co-workers or employer – many won’t take your word for it.

For 10 useful vaping facts and quotes to show your colleagues – click here

Don’t: bring a large cloud producing device to your work place.

Clouds drifting across the office could distract others and it’s a very good way of setting off that old chestnut ‘the fire alarm’. We recommend blowing clouds towards the floor where possible and away from your co-workers. Keeping your device at a nice low voltage during office hours is also helpful.

Do: bring spare drip tips.

You may be surprised just how many people might want to have a toot on your E-cig. To prepare yourself, bring a few clean drip tips with you. Share your E-cig – not your (and others) germs!

Do: Be mindful of visitors.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an office with windows – and just a small group of vapers can sometimes cause a notable haze. Such a haze may alarm visitors and clients – and it’s best to have a plan in place under such circumstances.

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Pick & Mix to save pretty pennies and pounds

Pick & Mix to your heart’s content with our fine selection of pre-mixed e-liquids!

Our industrious Department of Hullabaloo have forgone their annual excursion to Margate in order to put the finishing touches to our new ‘Pick and Mix’ offer – a brand new way to buy more for less from the DV website!

Using it you can buy:

ANY 5 or more pre-mixed bottles for £4.99 each.

ANY 10 or more pre-mixed bottles for £4.74 each.

Simply visit the DV website – add five or more pre-mixed bottles to your basket and watch the price of your e-liquids reduce in front of your very eyes.

And if you’re unsure that you’ve qualified for our multi buy discount – simply check your basket for the ‘Pick & Mix’ logo:

So, put down that bucket and spade and treat yourself to some ‘Pick and Mix’ of the vaping kind for as little as £4.74 per bottle! But do so with some haste – as this offer is only available until September 15th!

Pip pip


Terms & Conditions apply. Offer ends 15th September. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes Flavour of the Month. This offer is only available for pre-mixed e-liquids.
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Tesla Nano 120W giveaway winners


















It’s time to announce just which lucky chaps and chapesses have won our latest giveaway prizes! We have fired up the calcu-maker machine and it’s chosen a top six at random – who are….
1st Prize: Keith Davies (Winner of a spanking Tesla Nano 120W mod!)
Runners-up (Each a winner of a Shake & Vape kit and one of our iconic vaping helmets.)
smokingtramp @DL3Stu
stella corner @stellacorner
Ian-john Preston
Darren Freeman
tony feighan

Congratulations everyone! To claim your prizes, simply message us via the DV Facebook or Twitter page with your address and date of birth.

For our Shake & Vape winners’ you can see our full flavour, strength and base selection by visiting: Feel free to let us know which combination you would like via Facebook or Twitter message. If we don’t answer right away there is no need for concern, we’ll get back to you as soon as our offices re-open on Monday.

Please make sure to contact us within 10 days, after this time your prize could be re-drawn. Once again thank you to all the fine fellows that took the time to share our video, we’ll be back with another giveaway before you know it!

Pip Pip

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Win a Tesla Nano 120W















We have plundered his Lordship’s not so secret ‘Gift cupboard’ and look what we have found …….!
A spanking Tesla Steampunk edition vaping contraption, top prize in this month’s give away. Or, be the talk of the town by sporting one of our iconic vaping helmets – hot from the set of our dandy film ‘It is Good’. We have five to gift away, each with a Shake & Vape kit – Huzzar! The Department of Hullabaloo have made it easy-peasy decadent squeezy to enter this month’s giftaway. Simply share our video with your friends to be in with a chance.

So if you want to be in with the chance to become the proud owner of a brass huge-me-flip, or the latest in medieval headware and Shake & Vape kit we suggest that you do at least one of the following:-

1. Find our competition tweet and share with your followers.
2. Find our Facebook post and share with your friends.

The Department of Hullabaloo will fire up the calcu-maker machine and announce the winners next Friday during afternoon tea.
So, go on, someone has to win, why not you old chap (or chappess)!

Remember, simply share the love as described above….
Jolly good luck

Pip pip

Terms and Conditions apply, Over 18’s only. Competition ends 1pm Friday 7th July.

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Our latest competition winners

That’s right chaps and chapesses, the wait is over – it’s time to announce just who the DV calcu-maker machine has picked to win our excellent set of vaping contraptions and kits.
So, without further delay, the three lovely people about to dance with joy are…
1st prize All-in-one Aspire Plato winner: Damien Morgan
2nd prize Endura T22 mod and tank kit winner: Jessica Wooten @JessicaWoot
3rd prize Aspire Cleito tank winner: Scott @scotty1234
Congratulations to all three of you, please message us via the DV Facebook page or on Twitter to claim your prize!
But the joy isn’t over – we also have five Shake & Vape kit winners, who are…
1 Lorraine Furness
2 Sandrine Laurent
3 John Plummer
4 James Mccombe-durant @jimb1es
5 Graham Hurst‏ @graygerd64
Well done everyone, you’ve each won one of our new Shake & Vape kits in a strength and base of your choice. As above simply message us via Facebook or Twitter with your date of birth and shake & vape kit choice to claim your prize.
As always please make sure to claim your prize within one week, after this time it could be re-drawn. If we don’t get back to you right away don’t panic – we can answer any questions when our offices re-open on Monday.
Thank you everyone and we hope to see your good selves at our next giveaway.
Pip Pip
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Another chance to win a marvellous vaping contraption!

Fancy winning yourself one of these rather excellent vaping contraptions?

Well, just share the affection to be in with a chance.

The Department of Hullabaloo have been overcome with May Madness-itus and are giving away three vaping contraptions, all to make three of you lovely people dance like a lamb on a hot tin shed.

1st prize is the rather lovely all-in-one Aspire Plato.

2nd prize is the delicious Endura T22 mod and tank kit.

3rd prize is the sparkly Aspire Cleito tank in gold, no less!

But insisting that’s just not enough joy – the department have also added 5 of our fabulous Shake and Vape kits to the Tombola table.

So if you want to be sporting a big cheesy grin this May, we suggest that you do at least one of the following:-

1. Find our competition tweet and share with your followers.

2. Find our Facebook post and like/comment on the post, and if you so wish, share with your friends.

The Department of Hullabaloo will fire up the calcu-maker machine and announce the winner next Friday during afternoon tea.

So, go on, someone has to win, why not you old chap (or chappess)!

Terms and Conditions apply. Competition closes Friday 5th May 2017.


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Win a new vaping contraption!

Win yourself one of these rather splendid space-age appliances – just share the affection to be in with a chance.

The Department of Hullabaloo have been on the sherry again and thought it would be a hoot to give away a brand new mod.

And if that isn’t enough to steam up your spectacles, they are so excited it’s the weekend they are also giving five runner-up prizes of our new Shake & Vape kit!

Don’t tell his Lordship, but please do tell your friends!

To be in with a chance of winning simply do at least one of the following:-

1. Click the forward button at the bottom of this email, and share with a friend.

2. Find our competition tweet and share with your followers.

3. Find our Facebook post and comment on the post/share with your friends.

The Department of Hullabaloo will fire up the calcu-maker machine and announce the winner next Friday during afternoon tea.

So, go on, someone has to win, why not you old chap (or chappess)!


Remember, simply share the love as described above….

Jolly good luck

Pip pip


Terms and Conditions apply. Competition ends 1pm Friday 7th April.

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Our new responsive website

By jove, the department of hullabaloo have only gone and cracked mobile telephony huzzar!

Now, whatever your choice of visual contraption, our website will look truly dapper!

Oh yes, our new ‘responsive’ website now ‘responds’ to whatever viewing apparatus you are using and should assure you wonderful people of a more pleasant shopping experience when ordering via your digi-full devices.

But we cannot reward our boffins with their ration of sherry until we have the nod from you, our most convivial customers.

So we would like to invite you to visit the website and should you find anything amiss let us know by emailing us at so that we can twiddle the knobs and tinker with the dials until your experience is truly top ho.

Glory be to these days of marvellous mobile machinations!

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And the winners are…!


It’s time to announce just who has won one of our fantastical contraptions! But before we announce the winner, we’d like to thank every single chap and chapess that was good enough to share our competition status – we’re very grateful to your good selves.

So, without further delay, the winner of our hardware prize is…
Kathryn Swire! Congratulations Kathryn, expect a message from us in the very near future!

And we’re not quite finished, five other lucky winners have been plucked from the DV deerstalker, whose names are:

Ram L Tapawan
Gail Goor
Simon Perkins
Glyn Wyatt‏
Alex Blunt

You have each won one of our new Shake & Vape kits in a strength and base of your choice. To claim your prize simply message via Facebook or Twitter with your flavour and strength choice, plus your address and date of birth.

Please be sure to claim your prize within one week, after this time it could be re-drawn.

If you’ve not won this time, don’t fret, we’ll have another competition before you know it!

Pip Pip


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Win a fine new vaping contraption!


Win yourself one of these fantastical contraptions – just share the affection to be in with a chance.

The Department of Hullabaloo have been on the sherry again and are giving away a brand new mod.

And if that wasn’t enough to tickle your whiskers, they are so excited it’s the weekend they are also giving five runner-up prizes of our new Shake & Vape kit!

Don’t tell his Lordship, but please do tell your friends!

To be in with a chance of winning simply do at least one of the following:-

1. Find our competition tweet and share with your followers.

2. Find our Facebook post and comment on the post/share with your friends.

The Department of Hullabaloo will fire up the calcu-maker machine and announce the winner next Friday afternoon.

So, go on, someone has to win, why not you old chap (or chappess)?

You can choose from the Endura T22, Aspire Quest Mini Kit, Innokin Itaste Kroma, Smok Stick V8 or Innokin Coolfire Pebble! Full details of all these mods are available in the hardware section of our website.

Remember, simply share the love as described above….

Jolly good luck

Pip pip


Terms and Conditions apply. Competition ends 3pm Friday 3rd March.


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Flowers? Chocolates? A weekend in Bognor Regis?


Flowers? Chocolates? A weekend in Bognor Regis?

Dear Lord! No! The Department of Hullabaloo have you covered this Valentine’s Day…with the return of their illustrious, ‘Face on a bottle’.

What better way could there be to proclaim your love for your nearest and dearest, or even one’s self(!), than by putting your jolly fizzogs (faces please ladies and gentlemen – no other parts of your anatomy) on a 30ml bottle full of FREE Swansea air – i.e. empty! – in readiness for you to decant your favourite eliquid.

Oh you delicious people! What a treat!

Simply post the picture* you would like to see on your bottle on either Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #DVFACEONABOTTLE,  or by email to with the subject line, ‘FACE ON A BOTTLE COMPETITION’. One entry per person please. 

The first 30 pictures, drawn at random, next Friday will each receive their, ‘Face on a bottle’, containing real Swansea air.

Pip pip


* Gunter Von Strassonbottom, our wireless & radio consultant, has suggested that all images should be sent as .jpgs and be no larger than 8mb in size. We hope this gibberish means more to you than it does us; if not please feel free to get in touch and we’ll assist the best we can.

Terms and Conditions apply:
– Bottles will be posted first class, but we cannot guarantee delivery before 14th February.
– We will contact winners via Facebook, Twitter or email for address details.
– One entry per person.
– We may remove/hide submissions, and they will be disqualified, if deemed indecent or inappropriate.

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Top Secret – A telegram from the DV War Room


Mum’s the word!

The DV War Room have released further details of their dastardly plans to beat the bullies in Brussels. Prior to the TPD deadline last November, the clever chaps in our Tastillery stockpiled 30ml & 100ml bottles of 5.4mg nicotine; and with an expiry date two years down the road, and discounted prices, now would be a great time for you to order yours and hide it in the cellar.

Nicotine 5.4mg 30ml – was £12.95 now £10.95

Nicotine 5.4mg 100ml – was £25.95 now £21.95

Our nicotine and diluents are manufactured from pharmaceutical grade ingredients, so you can be assured that your final concoction will always be tickety-boo.

Don’t dilly dally – when they’re gone, they’re jolly well gone!

You can view our range of nicotine here.

Pip pip

Our standard Terms and Conditions apply

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A Broadcast from the Department of Hullabaloo


You may be aware that come May we will no longer be able to supply you with 30ml bottles of premixed e-liquid, so our Department of Hullabaloo have been working night and day to confound the chaps in Brussels and ensure you keep your hard-won coin in your pocket. 

After much work with the offices’ calculating contraption, our daring and dastardly plan is to supply you with 3 bottles of 10ml at the price you would have paid for a 30ml bottle! Huzzah! It also occurred that we could extend this to provide you with even more discount if you bought more bottles of the same flavour! Double huzzah!

So, hot off the calcu-maker machine.

10ml is currently £5.95

3 x 10ml is £15.95 – a saving of £1.90 or £5.31 per bottle

5 x 10ml is £24.95 – a saving of £4.80 or £4.99 per bottle

10 x 10ml is £47.45 – a saving of £12.05 or £4.75 per bottle

Oh joy and exultation to the Department of Hullabaloo and their marvellous mathematical machinery.

You will find the option on a new fangled drop down menu to choose these larger quantities on all Decadence and Djinni premixed eliquids.

Pip pip


P.S. Our calcu-maker has been tasked with generating the same great quantity discounts for our new 10ml receptacles of Art Blends, VG and Four Seasons.  We expect the results very early next week, and will broadcast these via the interweb as soon as humanly possible.

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The making of Decadent Vapours’ new film by their nuttiest cast member

Some would say what we got up to that day in November 2016 was a lot of shenanigans and, do you know, to some extent I would agree. Although my part was relatively small, the impact and the suspense my part was to generate I knew would be pivotal to the overall success.

square_calendar_images8Of a normal morning I am usually roused by the sound of people warbling along to some ditty on the radio but that particular morning I was woken up earlier than normal to the sound of sawing and general banging about. People I hadn’t seen before were walking all over the place in those luminous yellow waistcoats, jeans and beards, all except that is the one female amongst them, she had hair the same colour as me although hers was a little more chestnut. I digress.

I soon worked out that they had come across from Londidium as they had that city look about them, you know, quite relaxed on the surface but with a general air of panic about them.

They had brought lots of new fangled equipment with them, all very high tech and a particularly big one of those ones they dangle in the air on a long stick, looks like a hairy marrow –  always make me titter!

So anyway, filming started and one by one the scenes were shot. The director chappy had to get very cross on several occasions when people were so excited by the events of the day that they kept talking, that was awkward – particularly when Pete, the owner, walked in and got blasted for being too noisy!

square_calendar_images2Everyone was involved in one way or another, even John our posty who was just ‘doing his rounds’ got involved. The way he put that package in his sack was momentous, even though I have seen him do that every day for years he came into his own when in front of that camera, and the way he delivered his line,  so gracefully yet with such authority, ‘Cheers’ –  we all knew immediately that it would be a highlight.

As the day went on my nerves did begin to kick in, but the only opportunity I actually got to practice my line was when they went into the MD’s office to film – I wondered what they thought of the fact he has a disco ball in there and a big boar head that speaks to him! No one actually knows where he came from; he just appeared one day, all dapper in tweed and that big feathery hat!

img_3081Anyway, I digress again, I managed to catch a bit of shut eye before I was due in make up, nothing worse than bags under your eyes and the lights show them up something shocking. A few stray hairs and a bit of product on my silky locks and I was ready.

The crew had very kindly hung a mirror in my house so that I could see when the others were coming, usually they just call out but obviously today it was different.


I watched as the team strode towards me and then, heart pumping, mouth a little dry and I was on…

‘Splendid’ I said as I gave them the thumbs up

That’s a rap! Well-done everyone – very good day – thanks.

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Aspire Quest Mini winner













We’ve just chosen a name at random from all of the fine and upstanding ladies and gentleman that clicked the Ecigclick awards link in December. And that lucky individual is… Jeremy Houghton!

Congratulations Jeremy, to claim your prize simply email us at: with your delivery address and date of birth. Please remember to claim your prize within two weeks, after this time it could be re-drawn.

Thank you again also to everyone that voted for us, we really appreciate it.

Pip Pip


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Free new flavour until December 21st

Free new flavour when you spend £30* or more until December 21st!

The DV Elves have been running around our flavoratory for several months now inventing six brand new flavours for you, our lovely customers, ready in time for Christmas.

But that’s not all!

As a special Christmas gift, we are giving one of these exquisite new flavours away, free of charge, to everyone who spends £30 or more on our site from now until midnight on 21st December. Bing bong!
It’s as simple as pigs in a blanket:
• Add £30* or more worth of items to your basket, choose any one of our six brand new vapes:

• Input the code ‘hohoho’ into the coupon area of our basket page.

• Enjoy that warm feeling of getting something for free and await the arrival of the postie clutching your emerald green bag.

So, don’t delay! Get a jingle in your step and bagsy yours right away!
*(T’s & C’s apply, £30 order value does not include postage, you can only choose one of our 6 new e-liquids as a free bottle.)

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Please vote for DV

Please help us to reach those top spots!



Click here to visit the ECIGCLICK awards

Once again DV have been nominated by the fabulous vaping public for a number of tipperty top categories in the 2016 ECIGCLICK awards!

We’re now officially in contention for:

Best Overall Company 2016
Best UK E-liquid brand 2016
Best Value E-Liquid 2016
Best Tobacco Flavour 2016
Best Dessert Flavour 2016
Best Beverage Flavour 2016

We couldn’t have got this far without our customers and fans, thank you so much for nominating us once again, we are truly touched.

If you do have a few moments, we would be very grateful if you could vote for us in the live poll (it literally takes about one minute) and ECIGCLICK have prizes for voters too!


If we are fortunate enough to win a category, we will be celebrating each victory with you in our own special way – including some spiffing offers and rather ravashing giveaways!

Click here to visit the ECIGCLICK awards

Thank you in advance!



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TPD compliant E-liquids

TPD – Tested, Proven, Done!


You may have heard whisperings in the press about something called the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive). In a rather large nutshell, this means that if EU companies wish to continue manufacturing e-liquids post November 20th 2016, they have to put them all through a rigorous programme of testing (and pay lots of lolly for the privilege!)

Seeing as DV have always tested their liquids through third party laboratories this wasn’t an issue and, as expected, we passed with flying colours – hurrah!

We knew ahead of time that we would eventually have to say goodbye to 15 and 30ml pre-mixed bottles, as they are now deemed non-compliant for the TPD, (although we can legally sell them up to May 2017) but apart from that, we have made it to the other side, tired but unscathed – we are officially 100% TPD compliant –  hip hip!

So, what does this mean for me we hear you ponder… Well:

  • You can vape easy in the knowledge that you are vaping 100% TPD compliant e-liquids
  • Your favourite DV e-liquids will taste exactly as they did before as, unlike some companies, we didn’t need to amend any of ours in order to comply.
  • Flavour concentrates remain unaffected by the TPD and you can continue to purchase them in 50 and 100ml bottles.
  • It’s business as usual at DV with more exciting times ahead, we even have some new flavours in the pipeline!

So we say, thank you all for your custom and loyalty, and let’s…

Carry on Vaping!

Pip pip


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DV autumn e-liquid offers

e-liquid autumn offer

As you may know, due to the upcoming TPD regulations we will be unable to manufacture a number of our fine products in their current forms after November 2016. While we’ll be terribly sad to see them go, it does mean that there are a number of splendid savings to be had, especially for our contingent of mixing enthusiasts and classic flavour fans!

 • £4 off our fab 100ml pharma grade Nicotine bottles

 • £5 off our versatile Easy Mix Kits (Big Cloud & PG/VG)

 • £3 off our entire 30ml pre-mixed range – 35 flavours in all*

 • 15ml pre-mixed bottles now all available for £7.95 each

 • £1 off ourFour Seasonsrange including our Christmas special: Gold

Grab a bargain while you can – and don’t worry, while the above bottle sizes will be going away, the flavours are here to stay!

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Aspire Plato Prize

We love to hear and read your reviews here at DV – your feedback is very important to us! And this month by simply placing a written review on the DV website – you’ll automatically enter yourself into our prize draw for this marvellous specimen of vaping wizardy!

Aspire Plato

To place a review, just make the short journey to any of our e-liquid or concentrate product pages and click on the ‘Reviews’ tab. Reviews placed from today until 10am November 30th will be entered into our prize draw, with the winner being picked at random and announced the same day!

(Please note that you must have previously purchased from the DV website and have a registered account in order to place a review*.)

Good luck everyone and thank you in advance.

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New flavour available!

Introducing DV’s electrifyingjack-black2 new flavour: Jack Black

Available from the DV website now for our ‘Flavour of the Month’ price of £4.95 for pre-mixed and just £3.95 for a 10ml concentrate!

From the mists of the mysterious DV Flavoritory comes a brand spanking new e-liquid… ‘Jack Black’. With its alluring all-day aniseed with a dab of liquorice and a dark fruit twist, ‘Jack Black’ is sure to electrify your taste buds from the very first vape!

As with all of our Decadence range, it comes with our ultra smooth pharma grade PG/VG base and it’s free from nasties such as diacetyl and acetyl propionyl. Jolly good!

To be one of the first to try this moreish e-liquid, simply pop across to the DV website, it’s only £4.95 per bottle for 10ml pre-mixed, £12.95 for 30ml and £3.95 for 10ml concentrates – that’s a £1, £3 and 50p saving!

“Absolutely gorgeous juice, once again Decadent have worked their magic!” Kelvin Guy Reviews 

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Free tickets for the Swansea showing of: ‘A Billion Lives’.

Win free tickets to the Swansea showing of vaping documentary film ‘A Billion Lives’.


We’re giving away five pairs of tickets for the Swansea premiere of this groundbreaking vaping documentary film! It starts at 6:00 PM sharp, Wednesday, November 23rd at the Odeon in Swansea.

As well as finally being able to see this much talked about film on the big screen, there will also be a chance to chat to other vapers after the showing, meet some of the DV team and to sample our brand new flavours!

So to be in with a chance of scooping a free ticket for you and a friend, simply comment on our facebook competition post with the phrase ‘I want one’. All winners will then be picked at random Monday November 14th!

Terms and Conditions

Decadent Vapours are unable to supply or fund transport to and from the film’s location.

The giveaway has been posted to multiple locations, all winners will be contacted directly if possible.

Entrants must be over 18 years of age.

Tickets are in a digital format and will be sent out to the winners via email or direct message.

All winners are required to reply within two working days – after this time winners may be re-drawn.

Decadent Vapours are not responsible for the printing or loss of any tickets.

This prize is for the ticket only and cannot be substituted for cash or e-liquids.

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How about a FREE 10ml Bottle this weekend?

Vapefest code
Those who are regular attendees of Vapefest will know that we always give away a free 10ml bottle of liquid to everyone who comes to see us.

So, as we’re not attending this year due to a packed schedule – for this Vapefest weekend only (Friday August 5th to Sunday August 7th) when you purchase from our website you can receive a 10ml bottle of your choice for free. Huzzah! Just add the 10ml bottle you would like from our Decadence or Djinni range to your order, add ‘yesplease’ to the promo box on our basket page and the cost of your 10ml bottle will be deducted from your total – bravo!

And if you want to enter the £200 Sweepstake AND get a free 10ml bottle, just enter ‘iwant200’ into the promo box – once that has been activated add ‘yesplease’ into the same box. So even if it’s pouring with rain this weekend – these deals will put a smile on your face!

Visit our pre-mixed section here:

Pip Pip

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£200 DV website voucher up for grabs


Roll up roll up £200 voucher up for grabs!

We’ve been out in the midday sun, gone slightly barmy and decided to give away a splendid £200 voucher for use on our site in our summer stupendous sweepstake – yazaz!

Yes That’s right, this August we’ll be giving away an absolutely corking DV website £200 voucher to one lucky DV website customer.

Simply place an order on the DV website during this wondrous month that is August adding the voucher code: ‘iwant200’ on the basket page and keep those digits crossed.

On the very first day of September one fortunate chap or chapess will have their name plucked from the dv deerstalker completely at random and will pocket our biggest every prize. Hazar, hurrah and bravo!

And if you’ve already placed your order this month don’t worry, just message us via email or on our Facebook quoting your order number and ‘iwant200’ we’ll make sure that you’re added to the list!
Good Luck everyone!

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Sarsaparilla and Green Apple are back

Sarsaparilla concentrate






















Giddyup vapers, ride into the DV website today to grab yourself a taste of 19th-century Americana with DV’s ‘Sarsaparilla’ e-liquid concentrate. If you’re a fan of the drink itself or of our original e-liquid, this is a must try. It’s a delectable balance of bold flavours; vanilla, caramel, wintergreen and liquorice.

Available now in 10ml concentrate bottles and if you’re not much of a mixer, don’t worry – you can now choose Sarsaparilla with our Easy Mix Kits!

And you can also buy our fresh, crisp Green Apple flavour in 10, 50 and 100ml sizes. Great for mixing with other flavours or just on its own.

Head on over to our ‘Mix Yourself’ section for more.

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Raspberry is back

That’s right, Raspberry pre-mixed e-liquid is now back in the bosom of the DV family and available to purchase from our website.

Whilst the concentrate has always been available, we have been deluged with requests from the Raspberry premix fan club begging for its speedy return. As our customers know, we try hard not to disappoint so we’ve welcomed Raspberry back with the fanfare and applause she so rightly deserves.

For those who haven’t yet sampled our Raspberry flavour, with its tart fruit top notes balanced by a mouth-watering sweetness and a hint of cocoa, it’s a wonderful pick me up for any vaper (or trumpeter) on the go.

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All concentrates now available in 50 and 100ml

100ml concentrate

Yes sir! Big flavours need big bottles, and our biggest (50 and 100ml) are now available containing our tangy, toastie Brekzest and our ever popular ‘Four Seasons’ range. These big beauties complete the DV family, meaning that our entire Decadence Range can now be purchased in these larger sizes – Hoop-la!

So if your vaping hardware has the power to vaporise the Indian Ocean, or your desire for e-liquid could empty a small shop, then by Jove, this must be music to your ears!

To find our 50ml and 100ml flavour concentrates simply click on our ‘Mix Yourself’ section.

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Our entire Four Seasons range is now available in 10ml concentrates!


We just couldn’t keep these stunning flavours to ourselves any longer. For months our loyal mixing fraternity have been urging us to release them and so… bring out the bunting because here they are!

Now you can get in the mood with the heart-vaping Love Potion No.6, savour a taste of summerthing special with Raspberry Dripple, go apple-cheeked with joy with Orchard Scrumple, or luxuriate in the finery that is Gold – whenever you feel like it.

So don’t delay – whether you’re down under or on-top-of-the-world, we have a seasonal concentrate to suit you!

See more here: concentrates

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MSB (Menthol Special Blend) now available in VG

We’ve just introduced our very popular ‘Menthol Special Blend’ (MSB) to our exclusive VG club. Bravo! After all, why should dessert and fruit flavours have all the fun?
Our VG Menthol Special Blend provides a truly fresh vaping experience, combining a smooth, sweet, minty inhale with a cooling exhale – and BIG clouds to boot!


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Collect points on the double this month

That’s right, collecting DV points is easy and this May it’s even easier, as we are awarding double points for all orders throughout the month. Just think: all those jolly points you earn can then be used for money off future orders – bravo!

So whether your next purchase is just a quick top-up or enough e-liquids to see you into the next decade, there’s no better time to push up your total. But don’t wait too long, remember – it’s this month only!

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Introducing breakfast in a vape

Yes, the flavour of orange marmalade on crisp, golden toast – months in the making, but it’s finally here. And it’s going down a storm with reviewers and anyone else fortunate enough to have had a preview vape.

The fact that they’ve got toast in a juice is unbelievable, it still blows my mind.” – Haz Vapes

Decadent Vapours have got the smell, they’ve got the taste, absolutely bang on.” – Martyn Parker

“These guys have nailed this, wow – it’s breakfast in an e-liquid.” – Vaping with Vic

And we would have to be mad not to make Brekzest our flavour of the Month, so from April 1st – 30th you can save £1 off 10ml pre-mixed and 50p off 10ml concentrates. Both are available from the DV website, fresh out of the DV Flavoratory.

So grab yourself an all day breakfast vape – Brekzest: its tangy, its toasty, it’s terribly good!

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Vapefest Original is now available to buy.


For years we have offered this little beauty purely as a giveaway at festivals and events, but due to consistent demand to release it for general sale, we’re now doing just that. Vapefest Original can now be purchased on our most decadent website as a pre-mixed e-liquid and a concentrate.

With its rich taste of moreish ginger biscuits with hints of cereal, we know from experience that one bottle of Vapefest Original simply isn’t enough, so now you can vape it until the cows come home – without getting your boots muddy!

“The combination of flavour is incredible, it’s perfectly balanced.” My Vaping Reviews

“Very deep and warm – a very pleasant flavour – just like Jamaica ginger cake. “Kogsy Reviews

So chop chop, get some Vapefest Original in your pipe now and if you have never been fortunate enough to try it – give yourself a treat. It’s available to buy in 10ml and 30ml pre-mixed as part of our DV range, we know it’s going to fly after all these years of pent up desire!

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DV Easter opening hours


Due to the UK Easter Bank Holidays (Good Friday and Easter Monday.) Decadent Vapours will not be processing orders between Friday March 25th – Monday March 28th.

The cut off date for us to be able to process website orders is 2.30pm March 24th 2016. If you place an order after this time, we will process your order as quickly as possible when we return on Tuesday March 29th.

While we’re away don’t forget to enter our ‘Face on a bottle’ competition: Here

Pip Pip


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Introduce your chums to DV and save £5

Fancy some lolly just for telling your pals about us?

Whilst we know that with flavours as tantalizing as DV’s, you may wish to keep them under your hat, we have devised a cunning plan to reward both you and your friends when they make a purchase from our website*

£5 discount for You – for being so chumtastic.

£5 discount for your friends – as a welcome to the world of Decadent Vapours.

All you have to do is enter the email details of one or more of your vaping chums (up to 10 of them) in the box below (ensuring of course that they are over the ripe old age of 18).

THEY will receive an email inviting them to try some of our lovely products, and as soon as they spend £25 or more (excl. P&P) on an order and use the special code in the email, a whopping £5 will be removed at the checkout – hurrah!

And YOU? Once your chums have bagged themselves over £25 worth of our exquisite elixir, as thanks for the introduction, we will whizz another magic code over to you, giving you £5 off your next order over £25 (excl. P&P).

So the more chums you introduce, the more codes you can collect.

So if you’d like to pocket some lolly to help towards your own DV stash, click here – it’s hardly a chore, in fact it’s as easy as pie.

* Spending over £25 not including p&p on the DV website only.

* Only one voucher can be redeemed per single order.

T’s and C’s apply.

To introduce a chum to DV please click here:

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10 and 15ml glass e-liquid bottles now available

Why stop at 10 green bottles when you can have blue, yellow, gold, red, pink…


Yes, you can now buy 10 and 15ml glass bottles, each with its own dropper and child-proof safety cap in an array of glorious colours from the DV website.

So don’t delay, give your finest creations pride of place and become the envy of all your mixing chums with this glorious glass collection:

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A sun-kissed vape to beat the winter blues

Walter Malone is here to bring a feeling of summer back to the northern hemisphere!

A sun-kissed vape of juicy watermelon with a twist, Walter Malone offers an incredibly refreshing vaping experience. So don’t delay, put the winter weather to the back of your mind with this latest addition to our DV range. Buy Walter Malone pre-mixed e-liquid by clicking here: watermelon

And don’t forget that if you’re a DIY fan, all DV flavours including Walter Malone are available in 10ml, 50ml and 100ml concentrates:

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We’re back online, thank you for your patience










We can now report that ‘disappearance’ of our site for the past 24 hours was not due to an alien invasion or someone catching their foot on the plug, but down to a huge power outage at Heart Hosting HQ.

As an apology for any inconvenience, and to thank you for your patience, over the next 48 hours we would like to give you £2 off all orders over £10 (not including postage and packing). When you reach check-out, just enter the code ‘gingernuts’ and the magic will happen.

Once again, heart-felt apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced.


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All DV concentrates now available in 50ml and 100ml!

At Decadent Vapours we’re proud to say that our customers have always had the choice of buying our flavour concentrates separately from our premixed e-liquids – it’s been that way since 2009.

The popularity of concentrates has grown immensely, and the message from many of our customers has been “Please, DV, can we have some more!” So to help our army of DIY fans, we’ve now officially released every DV and djinni concentrate in 50ml and 100ml bottle sizes!

That means that whether you’re a fan of our mouthwatering Lemony Blush, award winning Crème Anglaise, or any of our other premium concentrates – you can now stock up to your heart’s content.

For more please see:

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Join in the celebration

Five awards = five great prizes

Yes that’s right, from January 15th to 10am January 27th we’re giving you a chance to win one of 5 flavour packs containing 10 specially pre-selected DV flavours. Each pack includes a selection of old favourites and exciting new releases (and yes, all winners can choose their preferred strength.). That’s 5 flavour packs to 5 different winners!

Our biggest competition yet

For a chance of scooping our biggest ever prize, simply like this Facebook competition status and our Facebook page. The winners will, as always, be picked at random from the DV deerstalker on January 27th and announced that day.

And if you’re not a Facebooker, don’t despair, we’re offering an extra flavour pack as described above on Twitter. To enter just tweet us with the hashtag: #iwantdv. (One entry and account per person please, and you must follow us on Twitter in order to be eligible for the final prize.)

It only takes seconds to enter – so overall there will be six different winners and one of them might well be you! Over 18’s only please and you can enter irrespective of your location.

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Victory! Decadent Vapours win in 5 categories at the ECIGCLICK awards!


Thanks to the sterling support of DV’s customers, we’re delighted to report that we were victorious at the 2015 ECIGCLICK awards, winning in five categories!

To thank you for helping us a achieve a victory sweeter than Welsh Taffi mixed with Candyfloss, we’ll be announcing our biggest give away yet in the very near future.

So keep your eyes peeled for our forthcoming emails and Facebook updates but for the moment: thank you so much for taking the time to nominate and vote for us – you’re the best customers on the planet!

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Ordering dates over Christmas

Attention Customers! To give your orders the best possible chance of being despatched by Christmas, we highly recommend you place any DV website orders by 2.30pm December 22nd or earlier. Orders will be despatched up to December 23rd, but we cannot make any guarantee’s after the 2.30pm on the 22nd.

All orders placed after this time may be processed and dispatched between Christmas and New Year, but delivery may not be until early January 2016.

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We need your help one last time

Hi everyone, it’s the last week of voting in the ECIGCLICK awards and need your help one last time – to claim those top spots! If you do have a few moments to vote for us in the live poll (it literally takes about half a minute to one minute) we’d be extremely grateful If we are fortunate enough to win a category, we will be celebrating each victory with you in our own special way!

You can vote by simply visiting:

Thank you again everyone