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DV have never used diacetyl and we never will!











There has been a lot of talk in the media over the last few days warning of e-liquids that contain potentially harmful levels of diacetyl. We would just like to re-emphasize that DV never have and never will use diacetyl or acetyl propionyl in our products.

At Decadent Vapours we guarantee the highest quality of ingredients and products at all times. We have always taken safety seriously.

Every product we offer has passed the most stringent of tests and adheres to every single piece of legislation currently set down. It is in our interests, not just yours, to ensure the safety of our products. To put it simply, we would never produce a product that we would not wish to vape ourselves.

Each of our flavours has passed third party tests by a research laboratory that holds a GMP license from the National Drug Organisation. Each individual test includes stringent checks for diacetyl and acetyl propionyl – down to the nearest 0.001%.

If you would like to see the certificate for a particular product, simply click on the relevant Safety Information Tab on that product. If you’d like more information on our testing, please contact us at:

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NEWSFLASH – slight possibility of dispatch delays

This week we are moving to a lovely, brand spanking new premises! We are working hard to keep disruption to a minimum but there is the possibility of delays on orders placed from today – 11th December.

For more information during the week, please see this news section. Rest assured that we will be doing everything we can to get your order despatched in a timely fashion.

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Please help us to reach those top spots!

  • ecigclick-2015-award-nominations-2







Thanks to the sterling efforts of our customers, we’re pleased to announce that Decadent Vapours are in contention for:

Best Overall Company
Best Customer Service
UK E-Liquid Brand of the Year
Best Value E-Liquid
Best E-Liquid Flavour

We couldn’t have got this far without our customers, and we’d like to shake everyone of you by the virtual hand. We really do appreciate people taking the time to nominate us.

Now… this means we need your help one last time – to claim those top spots!

If you do have a few moments to VOTE for us in the live poll (it literally takes about half a minute to one minute) we’d be extremely grateful – and as an extra incentive ECIGCLICK are continuing their prize draw. Simply click here to cast your vote:


If we are fortunate enough to win a category, we will be celebrating each victory with you in our own special way!

Thank you in advance!


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There’s no need to be an Autumn grumple… when you have Orchard Scrumple!

As the cold cloak of winter draws around us and the daylight becomes ever more fleeting, it’s only natural for our mood to turn gloomy with it. Fortunately, our fabulous flavour team have created a vape to give your winter blues the old one-two! Our Autumn special and Flavour of the Month ‘Orchard Scrumple’ is a windfall of scrumptious sweet apple varieties blended with pear – a perfect flavour to savour this November.

As with our other seasonal flavours, it comes in a special collectors edition 10ml bottle with dropper, and from the 1st to 30th of November we’re taking £1 OFF the price of 10ml Pre-mixed.

So don’t go into hibernation, give Orchard Scrumple a try today.

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Say hello to our fruity fab four

Our flavour development team didn’t spend the summer twiddling their moustaches and admiring their flip-flops – they’ve been hard at work using their experience and ingenuity to bring you four superb new creations for this Autumn!

The fab four include exotic blends like our new tropical flavour Waikiki Hula and a juicy new summer strawberry with a touch of the exotic: Strawberrino. Also making its debut is Lemony Blush, a mouthwatering traditional Italian lemonade with a hint of fresh raspberry. Last but not least is Cherrylicious, a deeply flavoursome cherry vape, layered with lush summer fruits.

Each of these refreshing new additions is available as a pre-mixed e-liquid and as a 10ml flavour concentrate – simply click on our ‘New’ section to find them. So don’t dilly dally, try one of our splendid new e-liquids today:

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Big Cloud Bases up for grabs with our latest Facebook competition

This month we’re giving all our Facebook fans the chance to win one of three ‘Big Cloud Easy Mix Kits’ worth a whopping £24.95 each.


Each kit includes a bottle of our specially formulated 75% VG – 25% PG base, together with your choice of flavour concentrates and your preferred nicotine strength.

Simply add the two together, give it a shake and you will have 50ml of magical cloud making liquid. Then, sit back and make your very own cloud formations – you may even want to invite a few chums round to watch the spectacle.

To be in with a chance of winning, simply like our Facebook competition status and page to enter yourself into our prize draw.

The competition runs from October 1st to 10am October 15th, with the winners to be picked at random and announced the same day.

*You must be over 18 years of age to enter

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Suggest a Flavour competition final results

The final results are in and we are pleased to announce that our 2015 ‘Suggest a Flavour’ winner is Tom with his flavour: ‘Grandma’s Handbag’ (Apple, Lavender and Cream Custard) which topped the tables with 41% of the vote.















Congratulations to Tom, who wins 20 free bottles of Grandma’s Handbag and to our runners up who have all won a free bottle of the winning flavour.

We are honoured that so many vapers submitted flavours and votes in this years competition; we received hundreds of flavour suggestions and thousands of votes. The whole team would like to thank DV’s customers and followers as well as vaping communities like Planet of the Vapes and UK Vapers, who really got behind the competition.

We will be choosing at random our five free bottle winners this week, so keep your eyes pealed this week if you placed a vote.

Grandma’s Handbag will now go into development and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it becomes available to buy.

Thanks again everyone.

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Empty e-liquid bottles now available


At Decadent Vapours we know we’re not the only ones who like to create a bit of a stir with fabulous flavours.

That’s why we’ve assembled a splendid array of mixing bottles for you to use in creating your own delicious concoctions and combinations.

Our empty bottles are made from PET and PE and come in a spanking range of colours to help you mix without getting ‘mixed up’.

Prices start at just £1.50 for a pack of 5 – sizes range from 10 ml, all the way up to 100 ml, with pipettes and labels also available to aid your delightful endeavours.

Why not start mixing up a storm of satisfaction today:

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Get ready for the fiercest vape on the planet!

Created by the maddest mixologist in Hell’s furnace, ‘Pirate Pete the Discomforter’, Diablo Loco is the hottest, craziest vape this side of Mercury!

Diablo Loco (Crazy Devil!) is the hottest e-liquid in the world, made from a concentrated ‘Biohazard’ chilli extract that measures 6.4 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) – that’s about 1.4 million SHUs hotter than the hottest pepper spray! To make it (just about) bearable, we have ensured that our Diablo Loco concentrate measures around 500,000 SHU – still, that’s over 100 xs as hot as Tabasco sauce!

If you’re brave enough to take it on, we advise caution when mixing – start at just 1 drop per 10ml and mix up small batches to begin with. It is also advisable to use an old tank, as we cannot guarantee that you will ever completely remove the blistering heat of Diablo Loco!

As with all truly mad things, Diablo Loco’s fire will only burn for a short time. After this year it will return to Hell’s furnace, likely forever!

We’d also love to see if your video reactions to trying it are similar to the reviewers above – please feel free to share them with us online.

You can see more by visiting:

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Suggest a Flavour 2015

(Flavour suggestions now closed)

• Suggest a new e-liquid flavour for the chance to win 20 free bottles and have your name in lights – well on the label of the winning bottle…

• All five finalists will receive a bottle of the winning flavour too as well as the excitement and prestige of being a finalist.

• The winner’s flavour will also go on general sale for a limited period on the DV website!














You can enter as many times as you like as long it’s a different suggestion each time and you must be over 18 years of age to enter.

The first stage is to simply suggest a flavour to us. You can email your name and flavour suggestion to:

Or you can click on the “Suggest a Flavour 2015” link on the header of our website.

For full terms and conditions please visit:

If nothing comes to mind, last years finalist’s might give you some inspiration:last-years-finalists

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ECE Expo report

Last Friday, 3 of the DV team set sail in their new DV ‘Steam machine’ for a very long journey. With a maximum speed of 55mph you can see why it took them 6 hours to get from Warwickshire to the ECE Expo in Harrogate, Yorkshire (a car would have got you there in 2.5 hours).

















And it’s not just the speed – with a length of 6 meters, it’s not an easy beast to handle on a busy motorway. But along the route there were many travellers admiring the Steam Machine, taking pictures and beeping their horns. In one funny and bizarre moment, one gentleman even took a selfie while driving (even though we strongly would not recommend this).

When the DV squad finally arrived at their hotel, people still wanted to take pictures and and look inside the vehicle – the team could already tell our new set of wheels had gone down a hit. On Saturday itself the DV squad rolled up and got straight into action like a well-oiled machine. Swiftly the e-liquids were made ready while the tasters and banners were ready in a flash – it was like a scene from the A-Team. The competition must have been amazed by our dynamic trio.

dylan blog pic1
















When people started to flood in to the Expo by their hundreds, what seemed to stand out the most was the Steam Machine. This led to the DV squad having a very busy weekend, with every second taken up with questions, tastings, sales and of course giving out e-liquid goodies. Even other vendors asked for a look inside, with some hinting they might create one of their own. No one had seen anything like it before!

dylan blog pic2













After two long, busy and successful days, the DV squad had to leave with their now well known and adored Steam Machine. As it departed the festival it was shown lots of love, with some people following it down the motor way, taking pictures and waving – and with only another 6 hour journey back to base ahead of it…

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Enter our latest Facebook competition

Decadent Vapours turn six this month. Our delicious flavours were first made available to the general public in June 2009, which we believe makes us the first e-liquid manufacturer in the UK!

We are proud to have been there when vaping first started in the UK, and to celebrate this we’ll be giving one lucky Facebook follower a £60 voucher to use on the DV website. That’s £10 for every year we’ve been open.

Just think what you could buy with the £60 voucher… Perhaps a Connoisseur Mixing Set, or 10 pre-mixed flavours, or 15 different flavour concentrates! The possibilities are vast. The competition runs from 17th to 29th of June. The winner as always will be picked at random and will be announced on the 29th – anyone over 18 can enter, irrespective of their location. As long as you’ve liked our Facebook page (in the past or present) and our Facebook competition status, you’re in with a chance. Visit: for more information.

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It’s ‘Vanillatime’ here at DV

Vanilla is one of the world’s favourite ice cream flavours, so it’s no surprise that vanilla vapes are equally sought after. So for all the dessert fans out there, we have two new flavours for you to savour – both will leave you salivating the moment you open the bottle.

The first is Crème Anglaise: a scrumptious, smooth custard vape with a full vanilla flavour that is sweetened with brown sugar and a hint of caramel. An absolute must for all custard fans.

If you were a fan of our ‘Very Vanilla’ this new vape will blow you away. It’s a creamy, soothing, full French vanilla flavour that is alluringly sweet and provides a delightfully smooth sensation on the inhale. You couldn’t get more vanillary if you tried! The word ‘Vanilla’ can sometimes suggest something is ‘unexciting’ or ‘conventional’ but you can trust us when we say “Not with this flavour!”.

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Changes to our pre-mixed range














We’ve made a number of changes to our pre-mixed range including the introduction of two brand new flavours: Vanille Française and Crème Anglaise. We’ll have much more information on them next week and if you can’t wait until then, they’re both available to buy in our sweet pre-mixed section:

And if you can’t find your favourite flavours in our pre-mixed range, they will more than likely be in our Easy Mix Kit flavour list. Each kit is simple to use and with 50ml of e-liquid in total, they’re long lasting: Easy Mix Kit
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Would you like to win a Connoisseur Mixing Set?

Like our Facebook page and status for a chance to win our biggest prize yet!







May’s Facebook Competition is our biggest yet. We never skimp on our prizes and this time it’s a big one: a Connoisseur Mixing Set worth £59.99! As with our Easy Mix Kit prize, we’ll be allowing our prize winner to choose their favourite flavours, diluents and nicotine base, meaning the winner can have their cake and eat it too. Each set can make the equivalent of up to £170 worth of pre-mixed e-liquid, so you won’t be running out any time soon.

The competition runs from the 13th to the 27th of May, with the winner to be picked at random and announced on the 28th. As always, anyone over the age of 18 can enter. As long as you’ve liked our Facebook page (in the past or present) and our Facebook competition status, you’re in the running. So why not get yourself in the mix? Visit: to enter.

Bank Holiday opening hours

Hi everyone, just to let you know that due to the UK Bank Holiday, Decadent Vapours will not be processing orders on Monday May 25th.
The cut off date for us to be able to process website orders is 2pm, Friday May 22nd. If you place an order after this time, we will process your order as quickly as possible when we return on Tuesday May 26th.

Pip Pip







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Vote in the djinni General Election!

It’s time for the djinni General Election! It’s a bit like the political one, except it’s more fun, the candidates are somewhat more desirable, and you can be more confident that you might get something good at the end of it.











Anyone over 18 years of age can vote. We’re all one big vaping community, so wherever you are in the world, your vote is as important as anyone else’s.
We’ll be giving away the top 3 flavours, as voted by the djinni ‘electorate’, to at least two lucky voters!

All you have to do is visit the DV Facebook page and comment on our election post, stating which ONE out of our 10 djinni flavours is your favourite. And if you’ve yet to try any of our djinni range, you can still vote – just tell us which flavour most takes your fancy.

Voting ends at 10am May 8th, and the winners will be picked at random and announced the same day.

It doesn’t take long and you can help your favourite get into that top 3! Visit our Facebook page here to find out more and to

Bank Holiday opening hours

Due to the UK Bank Holiday, Decadent Vapours will not be processing orders on Monday May 4th.

The cut off date for us to be able to process website orders is 2pm, Friday May 1st. If you place an order after this time, we will process your order as quickly as possible when we return on Tuesday May 5th.

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Win an Easy Mix Kit in April’s Facebook competition


This April we’re giving our Facebook followers a chance to win FIVE Easy Mix Kits (worth £27.95 each.) Our Easy Mix Kit allows you to make 50ml of ready to vape e-liquid in just three simple steps. Each winner can choose their preferred base and flavour from our huge range on the DV website.

We’re going to be picking a minimum of five separate winners, all you have to do is like our Facebook page and competition status to enter:

Good Luck


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Flavour of the month and Easter opening times

We’ve got a spring present for you. From April 2015 onwards, Decadent Vapours are offering ‘Flavour of the Month’, a chance to enjoy one of our many amazing flavours at a specially reduced price.

Whether it’s a best seller, a re-invention of a classic, or a brand new flavour, ‘Flavour of the Month’ will be carefully selected by the DV team to bring you something you might not know… but might like.

The flavour for April is Green Apple, a refreshingly crisp apple vape with a beautiful sweet and sour balance and notes of kiwi. It’s mouthwateringly juicy and we think it’s perfect for the start of spring.

You can save across the board with Green Apple, from April 1st to 30th we’ll be taking £1 OFF the price of 10ml Pre-mixed, £2 OFF 30ml Pre-mixed and 50p off 10ml flavour concentrates.

So why wait, try our delicious Green Apple today:

DV opening times Easter

Due to the UK Easter Bank Holidays (Good Friday and Easter Monday.) Decadent Vapours will not be processing orders between Friday April 3rd – Monday April 6th.

The cut off date for us to be able to process website orders is 2.30pm April 2nd 2015. If you place an order after this time, we will process your order as quickly as possible when we return on Tuesday April 7th.

While we’re away, don’t forget to like us on Facebook, there’s plenty of news and competitions to come in April.

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Which flavour gets your taste buds tingling?


Easter is nearly upon us and we thought instead of presuming you would all like a chocolate based gift, that you should all have the opportunity to choose.

You have until Thursday March 26th to tell us which pre-mixed flavour gets your vote, simply comment on the Facebook post pinned to the top of our page to take part.

Whether it’s an icy menthol or an indulgent dessert vape, we want to hear from you.

The top three flavours will then receive a whopping £5 discount off 30ml bottles so that you can be sure not to run out of your favourite flavour over the holidays.

So if you would like a big saving on your favourite flavour, just comment which your one gets your taste buds tingling at:

1 entry per person please, but that doesn’t stop your friends getting involved! Entries close Thursday March 26th and the 48 hour sale will start 12am UK time Sunday March 30th and finish Tuesday March 31st. Best of luck and remember, it can be any flavour you like from the pre-mixed range.

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Welsh Shag offer and T’s & C’s

To celebrate St David’s Day we’re giving away a FREE 10ml, 1.2% nicotine bottle of ‘Welsh Shag’ (also known as Welsh Pipe) with every website order over £25, from 4.30pm February 24th until March 11th*.It’s our most complex Virginia tobacco, with a deep rich flavour containing notes of pistachio, coffee and chocolate.
T’s and C’s
All orders over £25 will receive one free 10 ml bottle of Welsh Shag, strength 1.2%. Unfortunately this cannot be exchanged for an alternative strength or flavour. This offer runs until midnight March 24th 2015.
To qualify your final expenditure must be £25 or above after any discounts have been applied and before postage is added.
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Fall in love with our new Valentine’s vape

There’s only two weeks until Valentine’s Day and if you want to spell out your affections, why not buy your loved one our new magical concoction: Love Potion No. 6.

A lovesome blend of red berries, fizzy sherbet and seductive vanilla with a touch of cherry drop, this is just the vape to set the mood with someone special.

Whether it’s a gift for him or her, or to crown a shared romantic moment, why not make this Valentine’s Day truly heart-vaping, with Love Potion No. 6?

Buy today by visiting:


Are other vapers feeling the love for our new flavour?

Take a look at two reviews from top vaping bloggers and reviewers Vaping Giraffe:

And E-Cig Click:



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Savour the season with Decadent Vapours

Decadent Vapours gift vouchers are now available, so why not share the pleasure with friends, family or work mates? Allow them to choose their own favourites from our range of 150 tantalising flavours, or let them concoct their own special tastes with our mixing kits.

You pay – they choose – perfect! Now available in £10, £25 & £50 denominations, all printable in minutes… and perfect for that last minute gift!


So go on, give a little decadence this Christmas.

Simply click here to buy a voucher today:

Gift certificate funds are automatically applied to eligible orders during the checkout process. You must pay for any remaining balance on your order with another payment method. Any remaining value will be retained/added to your account and can be used against future purchases.

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Gold review by Niki from RY4 Radio

Nicki has tried a few E-liquids in her time! Every week she hosts an e-liquid review show called: ‘Niki’s Juicy Bits’ on RY4 Radio.

Here’s what she thought of Gold:

“The gold bottle is a lovely touch. Very classy. The main aroma when I first opened it is the biscuity wafer coming through. Before tasting it my first thoughts were oh no not another cheesecake! It wasn’t until I tasted it that I realised what it was supposed to be. The words ‘Ferrero Rocher’ spring to mind. You get the flavour of the luxurious chocolate, the crispy wafer and the hazelnuts at just the right moments and in the right proportions. The chocolate flavour is excellent with that kind of melt in the mouth appeal. I don’t usually enjoy many chocolate vape flavours but have to admit that this one is perfect. I couldn’t vape it all day but only in the same way that I couldn’t eat Ferrero Rocher chocolates all day. It’s rich, creamy, delicious and smooth and ideal for a special treat for sweet cravings. I can almost imagine the anticipation of unwrapping the gold foil and then biting into the cripsy wafer and chocolate ball and the sigh of pleasure as the chocolaty cream inside just melts on the tongue. The juice definitely achieves what it set out to do.  (9 out of 10 – only knocked a point off cause I couldn’t possibly vape it all day without feeling guilty!)”


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Changes to our pre-mixed range

We’ve made some changes to our pre-mixed bases and flavour range, which you may have noticed. Although we have removed some of our flavours from the pre-mixed section, nearly all our 150 plus flavours are now available in our new Easy Mix Kit.  So if you’re favourite combination is no longer listed, don’t worry, it’s still available in this new format.

With our new Easy Mix Kit you can also still choose you’re preferred base, (PG, VG or 50/50) and as you’ll see in the diagram it really is as simple as 1, 2, 3

So why not head over there now and see for yourself:

If you want to go the whole hog and become a master mixer, try our Connoisseur Mixing Set: 

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to help.

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Mixing has never been so easy!

At Decadent Vapours we want to make things easier for all you mixers.

Whether you’re an expert or total mixing novice, its worth checking out these two brand new DV products. (You might find them rather useful)
The first is our Easy Mix Kit, if you are new to mixing, it’s just the ticket. With our new kit you can make 50ml of ready to vape e-liquid in just three simple steps. We have a huge choice of flavours, bases and strengths available, so you’re bound to see a combination that catches your fancy. It really is as simple as 1,2,3:



For more experienced mixers we have something new for you too, with our flavouring growing ever popular, we thought it was time to up the ante.  Our 100ml flavour concentrate bottles mean that you’re far less likely to run out of your favourite vape. Every single one of our 150 plus flavours are available in 100ml bottles, so whether you’re an Absinthe or Smokey Bacon fan, we’ve got you covered.



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Still not tried Orangella?

If you’ve still not tried our newest flavour Orangella, here are two reviews by vaping enthusiasts Nicki from RY4 Radio and Martyn Parker to let you know what you’re missing out on. The first is a written review from Nicki, make sure to check her show  ‘Niki’s Juicy Bits’ every Wednesday evening at:

“Orangella – Wonderful flavour. Has become one of my firm favourites and will definitely be buying the concentrate in my next order. It’s very flavourful without being just fruity sweet. The juice is a very convincing orange flavour. Almost like that of a blood orange. Sweet and juicy but with the right amount of tanginess. If you ever dissected a Jaffa Cake and just let the orange gel layer dissolve on your tongue… have Orangella. In the orange citrus flavour this has now overtaken Mrs Lords Seville Marmalade as my firm favourite. (10/10 overall rating and I have only ever given three 10’s including this one.)”

The second is a video review by Martyn Parker, click below to see the full video:

Martyn Parker

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My Vaping Story


To mark the official start of Stoptober 2014, we are appealing to thousands of smokers to stop smoking and start vaping. While the vaping community understands the benefits to their health, taste buds and bank balance, there are still millions of smokers worldwide who don’t. That’s why we need you, the vaping public, to tell your story.

If you have turned from smoking to vaping, and would like your story to be part of our campaign, we want to hear from you. You can simply comment on our Facebook post:, send us an email or write us a letter. Any and all experiences of what it was like stopping and how vaping has changed your life are welcome, and highly appreciated.

If you would like to write us an anonymous letter or prefer to email us, please do with the subject ‘My Vaping Story’ to:

Or for letters please address them to:

Shaun Loye
Decadent Vapours
Unit 14
Clarion Court
Llansamlet Enterprise Park
Swansea. SA6 8RF

Help us get the word out to smokers that there is a healthier, tastier and cheaper alternative to tobacco.

Thank You


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Help prevent a ban on vaping in public places

Calling on all Vapers.



















If you have not yet signed, please help support this petition to prevent a ban on the use of e-cigarettes in public places in Wales:

The campaign needs more signatures to prevent a ban, it only takes a minute and you don’t need to be Welsh or reside in Wales to sign.

Thank You


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A weekend to savour

We are back from Vapefest 2014.

Our feet may be tired but our spirits are high. From the moment we arrived on Friday afternoon we had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with vaping enthusiasts from far and wide.

We hope you all enjoyed DV’s free mixing bar and discovered some new flavours to savour along the way. Our 2014 Vapefest Original flavour again went down a storm, and we’ll be concocting more next year.

E-liquid-mixingLuke’s mixing guide went down very well – thank you to everyone who contributed questions, and hopefully it has given those watching confidence to try mixing for themselves!

e-liquid mixing guide
Our very hot Diablo Loco flavour certainly provided a spectacle – and a few brave souls even tried it for themselves.

Talking of brave, throughout the day lots of people tried on our legendary gas mask. Only the hardiest of vapers can last longer than one minute, but it certainly provided plenty of laughter.

For those of you who entered our free prize draw – keep your eyes peeled, as we will be revealing the winner and runners up later this week. Remember also to use your Vapefest website vouchers before August 31st.

Finally, we would like to say a huge thank you to Ric, Jeremy, and all the other organisers and volunteers at Vapefest 2014. Your support before and during the event was been fantastic and we appreciate the time everyone put in to organise such an enjoyable event.

We hope to see you all at an even bigger UKVapefest 2015!

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Early bird catches the worm

For the lucky Vapefest attendees who get to us first, we have a treat in store, as we are giving away these rather corking goody bags to our first 200 visitors.


They include one bottle of our limited run 2014 Vapefest Original flavour, a special DV pen and bottle opener key ring, a  15% off voucher which can be used on our website and finally three mixing bottles which our meister mixers will concoct in front of your very eyes!

All of this is only available at Vapefest, so make sure you drop by the Decadent Vapours tent and say hello.