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Our latest competition winners

That’s right chaps and chapesses, the wait is over – it’s time to announce just who the DV calcu-maker machine has picked to win our excellent set of vaping contraptions and kits.
So, without further delay, the three lovely people about to dance with joy are…
1st prize All-in-one Aspire Plato winner: Damien Morgan
2nd prize Endura T22 mod and tank kit winner: Jessica Wooten @JessicaWoot
3rd prize Aspire Cleito tank winner: Scott @scotty1234
Congratulations to all three of you, please message us via the DV Facebook page or on Twitter to claim your prize!
But the joy isn’t over – we also have five Shake & Vape kit winners, who are…
1 Lorraine Furness
2 Sandrine Laurent
3 John Plummer
4 James Mccombe-durant @jimb1es
5 Graham Hurst‏ @graygerd64
Well done everyone, you’ve each won one of our new Shake & Vape kits in a strength and base of your choice. As above simply message us via Facebook or Twitter with your date of birth and shake & vape kit choice to claim your prize.
As always please make sure to claim your prize within one week, after this time it could be re-drawn. If we don’t get back to you right away don’t panic – we can answer any questions when our offices re-open on Monday.
Thank you everyone and we hope to see your good selves at our next giveaway.
Pip Pip