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The making of Decadent Vapours’ new film by their nuttiest cast member

Some would say what we got up to that day in November 2016 was a lot of shenanigans and, do you know, to some extent I would agree. Although my part was relatively small, the impact and the suspense my part was to generate I knew would be pivotal to the overall success.

square_calendar_images8Of a normal morning I am usually roused by the sound of people warbling along to some ditty on the radio but that particular morning I was woken up earlier than normal to the sound of sawing and general banging about. People I hadn’t seen before were walking all over the place in those luminous yellow waistcoats, jeans and beards, all except that is the one female amongst them, she had hair the same colour as me although hers was a little more chestnut. I digress.

I soon worked out that they had come across from Londidium as they had that city look about them, you know, quite relaxed on the surface but with a general air of panic about them.

They had brought lots of new fangled equipment with them, all very high tech and a particularly big one of those ones they dangle in the air on a long stick, looks like a hairy marrow –  always make me titter!

So anyway, filming started and one by one the scenes were shot. The director chappy had to get very cross on several occasions when people were so excited by the events of the day that they kept talking, that was awkward – particularly when Pete, the owner, walked in and got blasted for being too noisy!

square_calendar_images2Everyone was involved in one way or another, even John our posty who was just ‘doing his rounds’ got involved. The way he put that package in his sack was momentous, even though I have seen him do that every day for years he came into his own when in front of that camera, and the way he delivered his line,  so gracefully yet with such authority, ‘Cheers’ –  we all knew immediately that it would be a highlight.

As the day went on my nerves did begin to kick in, but the only opportunity I actually got to practice my line was when they went into the MD’s office to film – I wondered what they thought of the fact he has a disco ball in there and a big boar head that speaks to him! No one actually knows where he came from; he just appeared one day, all dapper in tweed and that big feathery hat!

img_3081Anyway, I digress again, I managed to catch a bit of shut eye before I was due in make up, nothing worse than bags under your eyes and the lights show them up something shocking. A few stray hairs and a bit of product on my silky locks and I was ready.

The crew had very kindly hung a mirror in my house so that I could see when the others were coming, usually they just call out but obviously today it was different.


I watched as the team strode towards me and then, heart pumping, mouth a little dry and I was on…

‘Splendid’ I said as I gave them the thumbs up

That’s a rap! Well-done everyone – very good day – thanks.