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Sarsaparilla and Green Apple are back

Sarsaparilla concentrate






















Giddyup vapers, ride into the DV website today to grab yourself a taste of 19th-century Americana with DV’s ‘Sarsaparilla’ e-liquid concentrate. If you’re a fan of the drink itself or of our original e-liquid, this is a must try. It’s a delectable balance of bold flavours; vanilla, caramel, wintergreen and liquorice.

Available now in 10ml concentrate bottles and if you’re not much of a mixer, don’t worry – you can now choose Sarsaparilla with our Easy Mix Kits!

And you can also buy our fresh, crisp Green Apple flavour in 10, 50 and 100ml sizes. Great for mixing with other flavours or just on its own.

Head on over to our ‘Mix Yourself’ section for more.