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Unbeknownst to anyone in the dept of Hullabaloo, His Lordship has apparently been secretly taking singing lessons. It was thought that the noises coming from his study were the pipes being cleared, but after two days of being locked in it, coming out only for sherry and the occasional bottle of Rainbow Fruit, His Lordship burst excitedly into The Flavorotory exclaiming ’Tis complete – this month’s ‘cinema-filmy-thingy tis done’ and with that he pressed play on his portable telephone.

What happened next left many of the dept of Hullabaloo in shocked silence and unfortunately His Lordship took this as the thumbs up.

You can listen to His Lordship’s singing by clicking above and don’t forget that you can save 50% off Rainbow Fruit pre-mixed, concentrates and Shake & Vape kits.