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Get 50% off a different tobacco each week this October

At a recent social gathering, His Lordship had a conversation with a group of chaps and chap-esses that had gathered around him, drawn in by the avian castoffs spouting from his hat’ and the plumes of the water vapour emanating from his fizzogg.

As His Lordship recounted to us later, there was a distinct pong of bonfires in the air and they all admitted to being slaves to the evils of smoking, but were desperate to stop. His Lordship happened to be vaping Amber Blend at the time and had a selection of DV’s other fine tobaccos and new mods he was testing out about his person, which he happily donated to the cause.

The revellers puffed away gayly all night and His Lordship rejoiced at the sight of the large clouds of vape emanating from the group as he slipped quietly away.

This morning His Lordship discussed what had happened with The Dept of Hullaballoo and they decided that in order to help and encourage more fine folk to give up smoking, we will give 50% off a different tobacco each week for the next 4 weeks – starting from today with Amber Blend.

So, if you know someone who would love to stop wearing Eau de Bonfire, please tag them into this post… or why not help a friend by buying them some to try, or even take a bottle down to your local to let some of your chums have a toot.