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Top Secret – A telegram from the DV War Room


Mum’s the word!

The DV War Room have released further details of their dastardly plans to beat the bullies in Brussels. Prior to the TPD deadline last November, the clever chaps in our Tastillery stockpiled 30ml & 100ml bottles of 5.4mg nicotine; and with an expiry date two years down the road, and discounted prices, now would be a great time for you to order yours and hide it in the cellar.

Nicotine 5.4mg 30ml – was £12.95 now £10.95

Nicotine 5.4mg 100ml – was £25.95 now £21.95

Our nicotine and diluents are manufactured from pharmaceutical grade ingredients, so you can be assured that your final concoction will always be tickety-boo.

Don’t dilly dally – when they’re gone, they’re jolly well gone!

You can view our range of nicotine here.

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