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Find His Lordship’s vaping helmets

Find His Lordship’s vaping helmets for the chance to win our full 60ml range – plus a helmet of your own!

Scour our website for the chance to scoop the full set.

When his Lordship needs to get away from the hulyburly he will often put on his vaping helmet – it cuts the outside world out whilst still allowing his luxuriant vape to escape -which really is top.

Unfortunately since our last new post, some dastardly fellow has stolen four of His Lordship’s vaping helmets and scattered them across the DV website; early reports state that they may be amongst our flavour images.

If you happen to spot one while browsing our product pages, please contact us via our contact page at: telling us where you spied it. Each visitor that does so correctly will be automatically entered into our giveaway for a chance to win the full set of our fantastical 60mls – six in total – worth over £100!

Hurry though, His Lordship plans to abandon his search for his missing helmets Tuesday, January 29th! And if we are able to recover them all – a few runner-up goodies could be added to the prize pot!