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Explore our range of e-liquids, all produced to the highest safety standards in the UK for over a decade. Choose from TPD compliant 10ml premixed juice, shortfills, or our more customisable shake and vape kit. For those who like to mix their own e-liquid, we also stock over 100 flavour concentrates.

Our vape juice comes in a variety of sizes, flavours and different nicotine strengths. Shortfills do not contain nicotine, but we include a free optional nic-shot if you want to make it a 3mg.

You can always get 3 for £9.99 on our premixed juice, and each week a new flavour is discounted by 25% in our Flavour of the Week Sale. Orders over £20 qualify for free first class UK delivery and over £70 for free EU delivery.

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About Our E-Liquid

Complex flavour profiles and innovation have resulted in Decadent Vapours becoming globally recognised in the vaping community. Our award-winning e-liquid is so good, it is used in many of the leading e-liquid brands around the world.

Each drop of juice is produced with love and independently batch tested to ensure it is free from any impurities. Flavours in our range go through months and sometimes years of painstaking refinement and testing before release, ensuring our legendary premium quality with every flavour. Attention to each minute detail in e-liquid production is our way of creating a truly decadent experience.


Our range covers all tastes, from sweet desserts, icy menthols and mouthwatering fruits. There’s also our famous tobacco flavours, made from the finest naturally extracted tobacco (NET) extracted and triple-filtered to give you the true taste of fresh tobacco with none of the nasties.

Types of E-Liquid

Type of E-LiquidSizeStrengthVG/PG Ratio
Premixed10ml0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mgDV – 50VG/50PG
Djinni – 60VG/40PG
Shortfills50mlor 60ml with nic shot added.0mg, 3mg (with optional free nic-shot)70VG/30PG
Shake & Vape30ml0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mgYou choose!

Which VG/PG ratio to choose

The choice of VG/PG ratio is totally down to personal preference and what type of device you prefer to use. In short, if you use a standard device, enjoy only moderate vapour production and like to have a ‘harsher’ throat hit, then 50/50 or 60/40 is ideal. Those who have high powered sub-ohm devices, where the coil is below a 1ohm resistance, and like to produce a lot of vapour will typically opt for a higher VG ratio. Read more about the differences between PG and VG in our blog post.

What strength and flavour to choose

As every single one of our e-liquid flavours are free of nasties, anything you like! But if you’re new to vaping, flavours that you enjoy to eat or drink are often a good start. If you’ve recently made the switch to vaping from smoking, or want to, we would recommend the following:

E-Liquid StrengthCigarettes Per Day
3mg1-5 cigarettes daily
6mgUp to 10 cigarettes daily
12mgUp to 20 cigarettes daily
18mg20+ cigarettes daily

The higher the strength, the more of a ‘hit’ you will feel on the back of the throat. Heavier smokers need a higher strength to feel this sensation and may also benefit from the higher nicotine content to curb cigarette cravings.

Don’t panic if you buy a strength that is too harsh for you, you can dilute it down with a lower strength version of the same flavour e-liquid.

Some vapers like to reduce their nicotine consumption over time, so will begin to work down the strengths until they become nicotine-free.