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UNO is a leading vape disposable brand that was established in the US in 2015 and quickly took the vape world by storm. The globally renowned brand now brings its wide variety of unique, flavorful, and high-quality disposable vape offerings to the UK region.

UNO’s products are unique and are all designed keeping in mind the convenience and utility of customers. With the aid of design, innovation, and technology, UNO aims to continuously improve and give users maximum satisfaction and exceptional performance. Each disposable vape is guaranteed to provide users with flavorful, high-quality, long-lasting puffs that will curb all their nicotine cravings.

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Strength – 20mg

12 flavours available –

Cool Mint – A cooling menthol sensation for refreshing hits.

Iced Blueberry – The perfect mix of berry goodness and cooling menthol.

Keylime Pie – Skip the fork and grab the vape for a sweet and citrusy pie.

Mango Blast – A flavourful explosion of ripe and juicy mango.

Pog – A delectable fruit cocktail.

Watermelon Spearmint – The perfect fusion of watermelon and spearmint.

Kiwi Dragon Berry – A trio of the most exotic fruits combined together to tantalize your taste buds.

Blue Razz Slushie – Feel refreshed with each puff of this amazing blueberry and raspberry slushie blend.

Rainbow – An exciting candy flavour that will strike all the right flavour chords.

Blueberry Raspberry – Let the mellow sweetness of this berry flavour take over your senses.

Strawberry Yoghurt – Rich, creamy yoghurt blended with fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Watermelon – Experience an explosion of lush and juicy strawberry and watermelon flavours with each puff.


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Blue Razz Slushie, Blueberry Raspberry, Cool Mint, Iced Blueberry, Kiwi Dragon Berry, Mango Blast, Pog, Rainbow, Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Yoghurt, Watermelon Spearmint, Key Lime Pie

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Tobacco, Menthol, Beverage, Dessert, Fruit, Sweet

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Uno Nox