Nicotine Liquid

All our nicotine liquids are filtered, titrated and diluted from 100% pure pharmaceutical grade nicotine in our proprietary 13-step process to craft the purest and cleanest nicotine, without any ‘peppery’ taste. This unique process makes our nicotine some of the finest in the market.

What is nicotine liquid? Nicotine liquid, or nic shots, are nicotine diluted into a base of either PG, VG or a combination of both and are available in 10ml bottles up to 18mg.

What is nicotine liquid used for? When you want to increase the nicotine strength of a short fill, simply add a few drops to the mix. Nicotine shots can also be used when crafting your own e-liquid from diluent and flavour concentrates.

Need help with DIY e-liquid? Check out our handy guide on how to make your own e-liquid here.