Shake and Vape

Our unique Shake and Vape kit allows you, through a clever combination of flavour, nicotine and diluent choices, to create thousands of combinations to suit your taste. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a chemist to make it – just tell us what you want, we do the rest.

High VG, High PG or 50/50, and nicotine strengths from 0mg to 1.2mg. Simply add the three bottles to the mixing flask and give it a shake. Hey Presto! You have 30ml of your preferred e-liquid, ready to vape! And for more information on the different options, click HERE


Step 1 - Choose your flavour

Select a flavour category to choose your individual flavour.

AbsintheAbsintheAmber BlendAmber BlendAmerican GoldAmerican GoldAmerican RedAmerican RedAniseedAniseedApple StrudelApple StrudelBananaBananaBanoffeeBanoffeeBerry CrushBerry CrushBlackberry CrumbleBlackberry CrumbleBlackcurrantBlackcurrantBlackdropsBlackdropsBlue LimeyBlue LimeyBlueberryBlueberryBubblegumBubblegumButtermintButtermintButterscotchButterscotchCafe au LaitCafe au LaitCafe BrasilianoCafe BrasilianoCandy FlossCandy FlossCappuccinoCappuccinoCaramelCaramelCherryliciousCherryliciousChoco Peanut ButterChoco Peanut ButterCinnamon DoughCinnamon DoughClassic ColaClassic ColaCoconutCoconutCreme AnglaisCreme AnglaisCrystal BlueCrystal BlueDandelion and BurdockDandelion and BurdockDoughnutDoughnutDY4DY4Earl Grey TeaEarl Grey TeaFrostbiteFrostbiteFruitifulFruitifulFruity SaladFruity SaladGinger BiscuitGinger BiscuitGrapeGrapeGreen AppleGreen AppleHarlequinHarlequinHill TownHill TownJack BlackJack BlackKey Lime PieKey Lime PieKiwiKiwiKrispiesKrispiesLemonadeLemonadeLemony CustardLemony CustardLime ZingerLime ZingerLiquoriceLiquoriceLove HeartsLove HeartsMandrakeMandrakeMangoMangoMarmalade and ToastMarmalade and ToastMenthol Special BlendMenthol Special BlendMenthol TobaccoMenthol TobaccoMenthol-mentholMenthol-mentholMentholyptusMentholyptusMint Choc ChipMint Choc ChipMojitoMojitoNew York 60New York 60Nutty RocheNutty RocheOrangellaOrangellaOrchard ScrumpleOrchard ScrumpleParma VioletParma VioletPassionfruitPassionfruitPeachPeachPeppermintPeppermintPineapplePineapplePink LemonadePink LemonadePurpelloPurpelloRainbow FruitRainbow FruitRaspberryRaspberryRaspberry DrippleRaspberry DrippleRaspberry IceRaspberry IceRed TabRed TabRefresherRefresherRhubarb CuddleRhubarb CuddleSarsaparillaSarsaparillaSherbert LemonSherbert LemonSpearmintSpearmintStrawberries & CreamStrawberries & CreamStrawberrinoStrawberrinoStrawberryStrawberryStrawberry IceStrawberry IceTobaccoTobaccoToffyToffyTotally TropicalTotally TropicalTurkish DelightTurkish DelightVanille FrancaisVanille FrancaisVimtage PopVimtage PopVirginiaVirginiaWalter MaloneWalter MaloneWelsh PipeWelsh Pipe

Step 2 - Choose your base

High PG provides a stronger throat hit. High VG provides more clouds. 50/50 is a great compromise between the two.


Optional Step - Add a mixer!

Our range of mixers allow you a little creativity. Just add a few drops to your final juice.

NoneNoneBrown SugarBrown SugarCreamCreamIcicleIcicleMentholMentholSuper SourzSuper SourzSweetnerSweetner

Earn up to 12 Points.

Earn up to 12 Points.