Switching from smoking to vaping

Making the switch

If you’ve decided to make the switch from smoking to vaping – there’s one important thing to remember, each vaping journey is different. As an example of just how different they can be, our Health and Safety officer Rhydian and Traffic Coordinator Liz have offered up their vaping stories as examples.

Switching to vaping

Before discovering vaping, both were regular smokers “I would smoke 100 cigarettes during a working week and at the weekends I would have another 40” says Rhydian. However, once starting work at Decadent Vapours – vaping intrigued both of them.

“I discovered vaping when I first started work at DV.“ Says Rhydian. “I wasn’t on the look for it – so I didn’t notice it, but I’m a bit of a gadget man and I thought it was worth my money and worth my while.” “It was a little bit alien at first. Says Liz “But it was fascinating to learn that all this was going on.”

Despite both of them discovering vaping at DV, first trying our fruit flavours and purchasing hardware soon-after, their journeys took very different paths.

“I struggled.” Says Liz. “It took me about a year all-in all to stop. “I stopped smoking when variable voltage came in, it hit the spot that I needed it to hit.” “I got to the point where one cigarette turned me sick, and I did not smoke again. Quitting straight away if you can do that it’s brilliant, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.”

Rhydian on the other hand, switched in a matter of hours. “Between my first vape and last cigarette was a period of about 12 hours. I knew that the cigarettes were not doing me any good, but the switch came about so easily because I was able to customise whatever I wanted to suit myself.”

This difference in time may be eye-opening, but neither have gone back to smoking in the following years – since deciding to make the switch full time. Although, there were difficulties along the way: “I still got a cough and tight chest after giving up” Says Liz. “ For me vaping did not take that away – but it stops the craving.” “My brain still needs the nicotine.” Says Rhydian “But I am not getting homicidal if I am stuck on a train for three hours anymore. It’s the hand to the mouth physical muscle memory that is satisfying for me.”

For Rhydian, vaping has become more than an alternative to smoking- it’s become a full-time hobby:
“Vaping is now my pastime, it goes hand in hand with my social lifestyle. The combination of the flavours, a nicotine strength of whatever I like, to build my own drippers – it’s what has kept me off so far.”

While vaping may not be a full-time hobby for Liz – she has a clear message for anyone wanting to make the switch: “Do it straight away, once you find a mod that suits you. In my opinion, you need something with variable voltage. I was using the basic stuff and it was not doing anything for me. I started on a 36mg and now I’m on a 3mg thanks to better hardware. And don’t accept the first flavour you try as be all and end all- especially if it’s from a pound shop or something like that.”

If you need any further advice on making the switch, or on which flavours and device to choose, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always here to help.

And if you’re looking for a different vaping story – here’s one kindly provided from one of our long-time customers Darren:

“I started smoking when I was 18. I had a “healthy” habit, travelling overseas to buy tobacco and was a real flag waver for the smoker, resisting all efforts such as non – smoking policies at work, doctors, my children and friends’ efforts to get me to stop. Even when friends started to vape, I scoffed, thinking it was just a fad.”

“Then in (January 11th 2013) I thought I’d give it a go. I was very cynical, and thought it would get used for a couple of days and consigned to a drawer. 3 days later and I’d had my last cigarette. Not even one since, and I was surprised to say the least. “

Now I have met a real community of fellow vapers, saved loads of money on cigarettes, spent loads on lovely flavours of juice (including some from DV) and devices and now I am proud to say I am an ex-smoker. I’ve reduced my nicotine levels from 24mg to 6mg and feel better, don’t smell like an ashtray and can taste food again!”

So if I can pass on a small shred of advice, give it a go.”