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The finest e-liquid flavouring, diluents & nicotine liquid

Our DIY range has been specially created by our meister mixologists for all you flavour alchemists! All our products, from our flavour concentrates to our nicotine and diluent bases are made with the very best ingredients money can buy. If you are new to mixing have a look at our guide here and unleash your inner flavour wizard!

It’s often a natural progression to start concocting your own e-liquid flavours, and here at DV we have everything you need to start you on your DIY journey. Correctly mixing e-liquid flavouring and diluent together is all you need to begin a voyage of discovery and wonder. Our DIY e-liquid range contains the finest pharmaceutical grade diluents and our nicotine liquid to create a smooth and consistent flavour. All of our DIY supplies are made and bottled here in the UK, and we offer worldwide delivery.