Useful vaping info

Here at DV we all love a good vape, and as it turns out, so did our ancestors! For more information on the origins of vaping, please visit: A history of vaping

If you’ve decided to make the switch from smoking to vaping – there’s one important thing to remember, each vaping journey is different. As an example of just how different they can be, our Health and Safety officer Rhydian and Traffic Coordinator Liz have offered up their vaping stories as examples HERE

The vaping industry is becoming increasingly progressive in terms of the sheer range of options provided to us as vapers, most notably in the variety of devices we can pick up. There are two main distinctions that can be made between the style of these devices; Sub-Ohm and MTL (mouth-to-lung). For more information, please visit: Sub-Ohm and mouth-to-lung

With a recent government plan encouraging vaping in offices and public places – we thought it was high time that we released this short office vaping guide! 

Ten useful vaping quotes and facts to show your co-workers. For more please see this

Learn more about our different nicotine options here

Are you looking to go nicotine free? Find out more on where to find our nicotine free e-liquid and how it can change the flavour of your favourite e-liquid.