Vaping in offices – a short guide

With a recent encouraging vaping in offices – we thought it was high time that we released this short office vaping guide!

Do: be mindful of your fire alarm.

It’s not an absolute certainty that vaping will set off your fire alarm, especially if your office is well ventilated and vapers in the office are careful. But, if it does become an issue, you could recommend installing a heat sensing detection system. This will ensure that even large clouds of vapour won’t cause an unplanned mass evacuation.

Don’t: bring a loud crackly device to work.

Little noises can be irritating at the best of times, and the noise of an impending electrical fire may not win you any friends – especially if you’re within shouting distance of your health and safety officer!

Don’t: bring strong smelling flavours into the office.

We’ve all experienced it, you have a flavour that tastes divine on the inhale, but smells a tad on the funky side on the exhale. If any one of your flavours has been reported for having this problem – best leave it at home.

Do: arm yourself with facts.

There has been a lot of misinformation regarding vaping over the past few years. Many of your co-workers could still believe that vaping is harmful to others in the office. It’s important to calmly provide evidence from credible sources such as Cancer Research UK, Public Health England etc; to show your co-workers or employer – many won’t take your word for it.

Don’t: bring a large cloud producing device to your work place.

Clouds drifting across the office could distract others and it’s a very good way of setting off that old chestnut ‘the fire alarm’. We recommend blowing clouds towards the floor where possible and away from your co-workers. Keeping your device at a nice low voltage during office hours is also helpful.

Do: bring spare drip tips.

You may be surprised just how many people might want to have a toot on your E-cig. To prepare yourself, bring a few clean drip tips with you. Share your E-cig – not your (and others) germs!

Do: Be mindful of visitors.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have an office with windows – and just a small group of vapers can sometimes cause a notable haze. Such a haze may alarm visitors and clients – and it’s best to have a plan in place under such circumstances.

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