Decadent Vapours – manufacturer of the finest e-liquid known to man

We are pioneers in vaping. We were there at the beginning and are still here because we truly love vaping. This underpins everything we do: our commitment to producing the highest quality produce; a never-ending range of great tasting flavours; and all produced here hand made to order in the UK, meeting every single regulation and more. Guaranteed.

Because we only sell e-liquid, you can be sure that our focus has never strayed from the job in hand. Our e-liquids are produced using cutting edge formulation, which guarantee the highest quality of end product.

We were the first to introduce caffeine e-liquid flavours, the first to develop savoury flavours such as Roast Beef, and the first to ensure that all our products are DEG, diacetyl and acetyl propionyl free. We listen to our customers, and we believe in giving you first class customer service, whether you need one bottle of pre-mixed e-liquid or 2000 gallons of flavourings.

All our flavours are safety certified. If you would like to see the certificate for a particular product, simply click on the relevant Safety Information Tab on that product. If you’d like more information on our testing, please contact us at: